Vaccination bill gouges parental rights

April 17, 2012

By Katy Grimes

Discussion about the proper role of the Legislature and state government is never more important than when individual liberties and parental rights are under siege. Anytime the Legislature inserts itself into health care issues, individual rights are compromised.

A bill limiting parental decisions when it comes to the health care of children is going to be heard by the Legislature today, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

AB 2109, by Dr. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, will require that parents who choose to opt out of vaccinating their child, called a personal belief exemption, must obtain a signed legal document from a doctor stating that the parent has received medical information on the pros and cons of vaccines.

It sounds rather innocuous, but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Inviting lawyers into the medical examination room between parents and doctors will force many doctors to refuse to sign off on the parent’s opt-out option, for fear of legal retribution.

According to Dr. Pan, “California is one of only 20 states that allows for a personal beliefs, or philosophical exemption, to school or childcare immunization requirements. Under current law, to exempt the child from the immunization requirements, a parent or guardian must only provide a signed written statement or sign their name to a two-sentence standard exemption statement on the back of the School Immunization Record. While parents do have a choice to exempt their children, they are not required to document their concerns about vaccines or affirm that they have reviewed fact-based, accurate information regarding the risks and benefits of vaccines and the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases.”

According to Dr. Bob Sears, a pediatrician in Orange County, “the largest study done to date on this issue (Dismissing the family who refuses vaccines: A study of pediatrician attitudes, Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Oct 2005) reveals that 39 percent of American pediatricians state they will dismiss patients from their office for non-compliance with vaccinations.”

Unwilling medics

Sears wrote in the Flash Report Monday that the implementation of AB 2109 is entirely contingent upon the false assumption that all pediatricians will sign off on a patient’s decision not to vaccinate. Sears said that based on the research, many doctors may be unwilling to sign the parental waiver.

Yet, despite the many benefits of vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control admits that between 3,000 and 4,500 severe vaccine reactions are reported every year in the United States. Some doctors say that the numbers of severe reactions to vaccinations are much higher than the CDC’s numbers.

Besides just the potential for severe reactions to vaccinations, many parents believe that vaccinations are at the root of the dramatic rise in childhood autism. For this reason, many parents are unnerved by Pan’s bill.

Increase in exemptions

The bill’s sponsors, The American Academy of Pediatrics, the California Medical Association and the Health Officers Association of California, state that the continued increase in personal belief exemptions and resultant decreases in community immunization rates “could have a significant impact on public safety and because PBEs are relatively easy to obtain,” and recommend strong support for AB 2109.

The current ease parents have in opting-out of vaccinations for children is why Pan wants to substantially stiffen up the process to make it more difficult, more ominous, and more costly as parents will end up paying for more doctor appointments, searching for any doctor to sign their opt-out form.

Without the vaccinations, parents will not be allowed to enroll children in public school. AB 2109 lacks any recourse for parents.

Sears argued what should be a personal freedom for families would become contingent on a third-party signature, which directly gives the physician ultimate power over their patient’s decision.

The Pacific Justice Institute opposes AB 2109, and states that existing law already provides a reasonable process for exemptions from mandated student vaccinations.

The opposition analysis for AB 2109 states, “This bill changes the current approach and inserts more bureaucracy into intimate medical decisions. The Health Advocacy in the Public Interest indicates that parents must have the freedom to make their own decisions with respect to the vaccination of their children.”

“Numerous letters from individuals, parents, and practitioners state that this bill is an intrusion into the personal freedom of parents to make health care decisions for their children. They state that this measure causes undue burden on parents, discriminates against families utilizing complementary and alternative medicine; and promotes more vaccine use and profit from the pharmaceutical industry.”

Expect to see expenditures and higher costs associated with the bill as well. “If the Commission on State Mandates determines that this act contains costs mandated by the state, reimbursement to local agencies and school districts for those costs shall be made,” the bill states.

The bill would result in preventing children from entering school, violates parental rights, and creates a path for more money to schools to cover associated costs. This is what a bad bill looks like.


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  1. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 17 April, 2012, 09:00

    What tyranny. If I had kids, I’d get out of Soviet Kalifornia faster than you can say Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov.

    — John Seiler

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  2. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 17 April, 2012, 09:16

    This one is a real stickler. There is no doubt that vaccines have saved millions of lives over the last 80 years. Polio, influenzia, etc… were devastating diseases prior to the advent of vaccinations. Medical science confirms that. This has to be weighed against the right of people to be bullheaded and refuse to have the serums injected into their bodies or into the bodies of their kids. When the swine flu vaccine was hastily concocted I refused it. I told the doc that I would take my chances against mother nature – after reading some scare stories. He understood. But he told me that the chances of serious side effects were remote – since I have routinely taken flu shots in the past with no reaction – and in his opinion the benefits outweighed the risks. I told him I didn’t want to be anybody’s guinea pig. And he respected my decision. But when you speak of routine vaccinations for kids that are proven to prevent childhood disease – that’s a completely different matter. You know me. I’m Mr. Skepticism. But until there is scientific proof that childhood vaccinations result in autism or other awful disease – I believe parents are irresponsible not to vaccinate their children. And the large majority of pediatricians in this country would back me up on that. So let’s be skeptical and let’s questions authority and the government – but let’s not be stupid to the detriment of our offspring.

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  3. John G.
    John G. 17 April, 2012, 10:41

    B-: “…There is no doubt that vaccines have saved millions of lives over the last 80 years. Polio, influenzia, etc… were devastating diseases prior to the advent of vaccinations…”

    I used to think that, too. Then, I read that there is no randomized controlled trial data that demonstrates that the polio vaccine reduces incidence of polio, etc.

    We have kept ourselves and our children away from vaccines for a few years now, substituting good food and vitamins and supplements. Works for us, and I am glad to keep the junk in vaccines — mercury adjuvants and the like — out of our bodies.

    Just food for thought.

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  4. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 17 April, 2012, 11:43

    The Daily Bell? Gary Bell? heh. Cut it out. You think I just fell off the turnip wagon yesterday? Give me a peer reviewed medical study from one of the major medical journals (domestic or international) and I’ll listen to what ya have to say.

    If you think that vaccines & serums haven’t saved hundreds of millions of human lives around the world in the last 80 years you are misinformed and in denial of confirmed medical history and immunilogical data.

    Why do you think cattle breeders vaccinate their livestock? To waste money and poke holes in their animals for the fun of it?

    Do you take Art Bell’s guests who speak of social contact with alien beings from other planets seriously? Just curious.

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  5. jwmdc
    jwmdc 17 April, 2012, 23:21

    Beelzebub, unfortunately there is no major medical journals that will produce unbiased scientific research, as journals such as the BMJ are funded by pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, and Peizer. Additionally, if the vaccines were safe, why doesn’t the pharmaceutical companies actually do the research, compare vaccinated children to unvaccinated children, do long term research for longer than the stated 4-5 days, and put their money where their mouth is. Makes you kind of question why they keep putting out articles on the front of time, newsweek, wired, and other magazines that state that Autism is not caused by vaccines, but will do no actual studies to back it up. will walk you thru some of the “major” studies, and point out where it all goes wrong. Quick question, would you be willing to take 6-8 meds on one day, and expect no side effects. Now imagine being a 10 lb child with no proper immune function, probably overloaded with environmental toxins as it is. And by the way, you dont get to use your primary immune barriers(nasal hair, cilia, mucus membranes, lung alvioli, etc), you have to pass all that up and go right into the blood stream, which by the way happens in nature less than 0.001 percent of the time (stepping on a nail, cutting finger, etc) Over 100,000 people per year die of meds that they take at prescription doses as it is. Mr. For Profit Offit stated in 2002 that a newborn infant could handle up to 10000 doses of vaccination with out any major side effects. Currently we are at 1 in 88 on the autism spectrum, one in 54 in boys and you want to say that these drugs are safe. Ha Ha Ha. Keep getting your flu shot, and hopefully when the aluminum adds up, the Alzheimers will help you forget all about it. Oh yeah, you have a 10x greater chance of getting alzheimers if you have had 5 or more consecutive flu shots, but you probably wont care in the future. Good luck

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  6. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 18 April, 2012, 10:38

    jwmdc, if you folks had your way blood letting and trepanning would still be popular remedy practices in modern day medicine. I am just amazed at the ignorance that still runs rampant in America in 2012. And the sad thing is that some bait swallowers still buy into it.

    Virulent and horrendously destructive disease(s) like TB, diptheria, scarlet fever, whooping cause, influenza, measles, smallpox, , etc…. wiped out at least 3 empires and several indian nations. In 18th century England we know that 1/3rd of deaths resulted from one or more of these infectious disease(s). The only thing that slowed down or virtually eliminated these infectious killers were VACCINES!!! That is not speculation or a wild hypothesis. That is HISTORICAL FACT and any expert (scientist or medical doctor) would confirm the value and life-saving properties of immunilogical vaccines and serums.

    I feel like I’m arguing whether the world is flat with you people. I am just astonished at your ignorance.

    BTW, Alzheimers is not a new disease. It was around LONG BEFORE the flu vaccine was available. Back then it was not called Alzheimers. It was considered to be a form of dementia. So what you say doesn’t make a lick of sense. Par for the course.

    Of course there are side effects to medicines. There are side effect to a snicker’s bar or to a banana too. But note the following: THE BENEFITS OF MODERN MEDICINE AND MODERN PHARMACOLOGY FAR FAR OUTWEIGH THE UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS OR NEGATIVES.

    Go to the libary and read some medical history, jwmdc. Educate yourself.

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  7. Jwmdc
    Jwmdc 18 April, 2012, 11:45

    B- Funny thing, I did go to the library and read some medical history, and the education scared me. Herd immunity and sanitation seems to play a bigger role in the reduction of deaths from infectious disease in the 18th and early 19th century. It turns out Edward Jenner, Father of Vaccination (small pox) was not even a medical doctor (Hadwen,MD. Jan 1923). Seems he bought his medical degree from Saint Andrews College in Scotland which he never attended. At the Jenner Museum in Gloucestershire, England, they have no record of his diploma. The FACT that jenner tested his theory on one patient (small pox and cow pox being of the same disease)and then immediately claimed that he had “immunized” the patient (8 year old james Phipps) by drawing serum from a cowpox pustule on a milkmaid (9 year old Sarah Nelmes)and injected it into his “victim” was as SCIENTIFIC as it gets. Wow. Fortunately for him (and the Pharmaceutical companies of today) Herd Immunity was responsible for the decrease in Small Pox. Cowpox is a disease which occurs on the utter of a cow, and only when they are in milk, only in the female animal and a non infectious ugly chancre. Small pox on the other hand is not limited to the female sex, nor to one portion of the body, presents different physical signs, and is tremendously infectious, and the course and symptoms are totally different. there is NO analogy between the two.
    I will spare you the account of how the small pox vaccine was first made… but in case you think did not learn enough medical history, let me know and i will spell it out for you.
    After that little history lesson, i wonder how that was accepted as YOU and others before you with Medical degrees as acceptable… and i’m the ignorant one. Wow.
    This one sounds much like the Barber / Dentist wars of old, and using the Mercury Amalgam, which is still in use today, even though Mercury has been PROVEN to be the most toxic, non-radioactive metal known to man.
    In regards to the Alzheimers, I never said that it was a new disease brought on by the Flu Vaccine, I said that you have a greater propensity (10x) towards it if you have had 5 or more consecutive flu shots (Hugh Fudenberg MD).
    Unfortunately, the US with our Modern Pharmacology that you boast about so much, while i agree there are some positives, has gotten us to where we are today, #37 of the Industrialized nations, with each year getting worse (we were #22 in 1997).
    So im sorry if my uneducated self looks at the world around me, sees Autistic children daily, listens to the parents who say the lights went out after a vaccine, and Choose Not to Vaccinate my kids. And by the way, if your children are Vaccinated, what do they have to worry about… Drugs are good, right?
    By the Way.. Have a great day.

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  8. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 18 April, 2012, 18:21


    The first half of your rant does nothing to prove your point or to disprove mine. Pretty much a waste of space and finger power. Keep in mind that Jenner was an 18th century scientist. Not all scientists who make who make phenomenal discoveries or find cure to devastating disease are medical doctors. In fact, most probably aren’t. Jenner was a brilliant man and didn’t have .00001% of the medical technology available to scientists today. And he still was the father of the small pox vaccination. You should get down on your hands and knees in respect for this man.

    Alzheimers is a widely reported disease today because of an aging population and the large raw numbers of victims. But the per-capita infliction rate is no more than it was before the use of the influenza vaccine. There is no scientific correlation between the flu vaccine and Alzheimers. None. And you have no proof to show different. Gary Null’s opinion is not acceptable as proof either.

    I am no friend of pharmaceutical companies. They bribe pols just like the banksters do to gain special favors and to screw the consumer. But I am thankful for their manufacturing arm which has worked in conjunction with scientists to produce medications that have helped to prolong our lives and provide a higher quality of life for all.

    Gratitude is a virtue and a blessing.

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  9. gerald
    gerald 18 April, 2012, 21:01

    I will not argue some of the merits although I could of vaccines, the increase of autism in our children,the amount of vaccines on newborns whose neurological systems are being bombarded by a Health System that is being used by greedy pharma to peddle it’s ware’s to a unsuspecting public.Fine if you want a vaccine for every disease known to mankind and cant wait for the latest and greatest to be available go ahead give it to your children ,but dont force me to believe what you do just as you dont believe what I do. I am not willing to become a profit margin just as private wars and prisons are today and in this case in my opinion on the back of innocent children who look to their parents to decide their fate ,not the government.

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  10. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 18 April, 2012, 22:55

    Now and then you pleasantly surprise me, Beelzebub. Well done.

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  11. David H
    David H 19 April, 2012, 09:05

    You must remember that the people making these laws also want to teach your children to be homosexuals, and deny the fact that exercising your right to keep injections out of your rectum is the cure for AIDS.

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  12. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 19 April, 2012, 10:29

    “I will not argue some of the merits although I could of vaccines, the increase of autism in our children,the amount of vaccines on newborns whose neurological systems are being bombarded by a Health System that is being used by greedy pharma to peddle it’s ware’s to a unsuspecting public”

    More ignorance.

    The purported connection between vaccines and childhood autism has been totally debunked and put to bed. Go ask any pediatrician or medical specialist involved in child care. To stoop to this argument you must be incredibly desperate.

    The “greedy” pharma companies are actually exiting the vaccine manufacturing business because there is NO PROFIT in it. If you don’t believe me, research it. When the swine flu broke out – the vaccine was delayed because only a couple generic manufacturers are still involved in vaccine production – and it took a while to get the their production lines rollling.

    Are pharma companies ‘greedy’? Sure they are. But not w/ vaccine production.

    Stop your misinformation. You might fool some but you don’t fool me. 😉

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  13. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 19 April, 2012, 10:32

    “You must remember that the people making these laws also want to teach your children to be homosexuals, and deny the fact that exercising your right to keep injections out of your rectum is the cure for AIDS”

    So now innoculation from lethal and life-altering disease is connected with homosexuality??? 😀 God almighty.

    Are you a Holy Roller by chance, David H???

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  14. David H
    David H 20 April, 2012, 08:33

    You don’t have to be a holy roller to comprehend the fact that homosexuals were largely responsible for the spread and propigation of AIDS and that abstemiousness would have prevented it’s spread and been the most reliable cure. Are you against educating children on the facts, along with full disclosure of what is contained in vaccines and their effects before they are injected into your children.

    Patient Zero Gaëtan Dugas

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  15. Destiny
    Destiny 6 March, 2013, 19:03

    People must understand that it may interfere with religious beliefs and it shudnt be manetory anyway. If should be a parents choice

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