‘Will work for shoes’

April 22, 2012

By Katy Grimes

State employee discounts are getting ridiculous. Despite the fact that California state and local government employees are among the highest-paid in the country according the latest U.S. Census Bureau, they receive all kinds of crazy discounts.

I was shoe shopping over the weekend at DSW, a huge shoe retailer. As I was making my purchase, the clerk made a comment about me working for the state. It seemed like a strange comment, but then I realized that my wallet was sitting open on the counter and my Capitol press credentials were visible.

Before I could tell her that I did not, she had already keyed in a 20 percent discount on my purchase. And, she didn’t hear my answer anyway, as she was talking to another clerk. Apparently my Capitol credential was good enough to receive 20 percent off.

I don’t work for the state, but I support the state through excessive taxes.

I asked her why DSW was offering state employees a discount. The clerk said that they offer the discount as a promotion, and had recently offered a discount for school district employees.

It’s Good To Be the King

State employees receive all kinds of discounts–free and discounted bus and light rail passes, travel discounts, health club membership discounts, cell phones discounts, business discounts during the furlough, Apple computer discounts, Disneyland discounts, and even See’s Candies discounts.

There is a website dedicated to State Worker Deals, which advertises many different food and travel coupons and discounts available to state employees. “State Worker Deals was created by a former State Employee,” the website states. “Our founder always felt that State Government Workers are underpaid and work hard with sometimes little thanks.  Our founder wants to provide State Government Workers and Retirees across the USA an opportunity to save more money and live a happy and profitable life.”
The days of state workers being underpaid in thankless jobs are long gone. But hey – discounts on shoes are always good. It’s just too bad DSW doesn’t offer small business owners or manufacturers the same 20 percent discount.

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