More liberal prattle: “We’re all one”

May 21, 2012

By Katy Grimes

Too much liberal drivel in today’s newspapers passes for news as well as journalism. Gone is most of the hard news, replaced by front page human-interest stories and social welfare issues.

This prattle is written by pushover cream puffs, who want everyone to feel the pain and agony that comes with being as enlightened as they are.

I didn’t think that Sacramento Bee writer Marcos Breton could write any more twaddle than what prompted my last story about what a tool he was over the failed Kings arena deal. But in Sunday’s Bee, Breton managed to blubber on while simultaneously beating himself up about his past denial of his Hispanic roots.

In a column titled, “Census has shifted, but we’re all one,” Breton wrote, “The U. S. Census Bureaus says I won’t be a minority in California within three years, if not sooner. It also said last week that for the first time in American history, minority births have surpassed white births.”

“I’ve been waiting for this day for years,” Breton said. “I turned my back on the ‘minority’ distinction a long time ago and buried years of negative emotion in the process.”

And then Breton put on the hairshirt of shame and recounted television shows which did not use minority actors for ethnic roles. He spoke of being called a “minority hire,” and of affirmative action policies when he was in college.

Breton attacked Propositions 187 and 209, “which attacked undocumented immigrants and affirmative action, respectively.” Proposition 187, the ban to deny benefits to illegal immigrants, and Prop 209, the ban against preferences based on race, color, sex, ethnicity and national origin, primarily focused on Hispanics and blacks, and ignored the many different Asian cultures and other ethic groups, which also migrated to California.

He failed to note that both initiatives were voted on and passed by the citizens of California for a reason, which had very little to do with racial bias. The votes for measures were driven largely by economics — affirmative action has grossly expanded the public higher education system, and the children and families of illegal immigrants rely heavily on state-funded social services, and healthcare which has also been expanded exponentially.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the number of children in immigrant families has risen nearly 10 times faster than the number in U.S.-born families. They are more likely than those with U.S.-born parents to live in poverty, and are less likely to have health insurance and to receive medical care.

“The Urban Institute finds that the share of children enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade that is composed of children of immigrants (including both foreign-born children and U.S.-born children with foreign-born parents) more than tripled from 6 to 20 percent between 1970 and 2000,” the NCSL found. “By 2015, if current immigration levels continue, children of immigrants will constitute 30 percent of the nation’s school population.”

Instead of acknowledging that the use of race and ethnicity in college admissions is unconstitutional, offensive, and even considered morally wrong, Breton also failed to recognize the damage done to all ethnic minorities by assuming they were educationally inferior, and needed to have the standards lowered in order to get into college and gain employment.

Despite the mess affirmative action has made for Hispanics and Blacks, Asians, excluded from Affirmative Action, have continued to excel educationally, and have very low unemployment as a culture.

As a white female who also entered college during affirmative action, I was on the other end, denied access to some schools because my name was too Anglo. Despite my high GPA, I watched as masses of unqualified students filled up state college classes, only to drop out shortly thereafter.

Despite skin color or ethnicity, the students who made it past the first few weeks proved they had what was required, and were disciplined enough to do the work. And that’s all that should matter.

Affirmative action set people of color up to fail, and was often more of a Scarlet Letter than unpreparedness, or the sometimes lack of language skills.

For those many black and Hispanic students who had the grades and qualified on their own for college, they spoke of how offensive it was to be labeled an Affirmative Action student. Success is now their best revenge.

Breton got one thing right when he shared his anger about being called a “minority hire,” but he missed the point. He blamed racism instead of the ridiculous and damaging liberal policies, which try to make everyone the same. And because that’s not possible, liberals tried to level the playing field by promoting race over achievement, skill, talent and hard work.

Regardless of color or background, those who want to play the victim and whine for a living can always find a cause. Others will study hard, work hard, and get ahead through sheer determination… the old-fashioned way.

We are not all one, and I don’t know anyone who thinks that’s a good idea. But in the liberal utopia, no one can stand out, achievements are a threat to others, and excellence must be quashed.

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