Scott Baugh’s Continuing Hypocrisy

May 21, 2012

By Steven Greenhut

If you wonder why the GOP is having such hard times, one need only look at the goings-on in Orange County, where Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh is pulling out all the stops to ensure the election to the board of supervisors of Todd Spitzer, the former Assemblyman who is a close union ally and someone who proudly increased pensions for his deputy sheriff union friends and then stood by that action right until he started getting political heat for doing so.

Baugh declared that no Republican who gets union support will get his or the party’s support, yet he is lending much support to Spitzer who continues to funnel past union money into his current election account. That technicality is enough for Baugh to turn a blind eye to a candidate who spent his career doing all the things that Baugh rails against. Baugh likes Spitzer and dislikes his board opponent, Deborah Pauly, so he is helping Spitzer.

But hypocrisy and lack of principle have a way of backfiring. Baugh recently sent out a letter to the GOP Central Committee making this case in another race:

“There has been significant activity in the 74th Assembly District where our endorsed incumbent Allan Mansoor is running for re-election.  … It seems that Allan’s opponent, Leslie Daigle, has not been honest with us or the voters.  Do you remember when she came to our party asking for an endorsement for her city council race in Newport Beach?  At the time, she represented that she did not vote for [email protected] in Newport Beach, and she said that she supported defined contribution plans – not defined benefit plans.  Interesting . . . we actually learned that she voted for retroactive [email protected] defined benefits plans for firemen!  That wasn’t enough for her.  She turned around and then gave the same retroactive [email protected] defined benefit for lifeguards.  That’s right – two different votes supporting [email protected]  …”

Certainly, I agree with Baugh that Daigle is a liberal, tax-hiking, pension-spiking candidate and Mansoor is a pretty solid guy. But how can Baugh be so angry at Daigle for doing something even less egregious than that done by his close ally, Todd Spitzer? After all, Daigle voted for non-retroactive pension increases and Spitzer led the charge for a county-wide retroactive pension spike. Spitzer, by the way, is atrocious on civil liberties issues, a law-and-order, big-government guy with at least as much baggage as Daigle, although they are nightmares in different ways.

The OC Register editorial board noticed this as well. (Although I write a column for the Register and have written occasional editorials, I did not have anything to do with this one.) Wrote the Register:

“It is reassuring, after so many years of sounding alarms about the looming carnage pensions can inflict on government budgets, that more people are holding elected officials accountable for misguided votes, but the criticism should be consistently applied.”

Actually, Baugh is not being unprincipled, he seems to be applying this basic principle: If he likes you or dislikes your opponent, he will forgive any past votes and even current indiscretions. If he dislikes you or likes your opponent, he will hold you to a very high standard.

Welcome to the modern OC GOP.

MAY 20, 2012

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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 21 May, 2012, 19:03

    You know how it works, Steve.

    Spitzer has a huge campaign treasure chest. That can buy lots of support. That’s basically how your political system is designed. The biggest sugar daddy wins. Political whores are really no different from streetwalkers. If one customer will pay $100 and the other only $60 – who do you think gets the business? Politics is no different. That’s the system we live under. Money has corrupted politics, big business and is insidiously infecting every facet of American life. The fish always rots at the head first and works its way down to the tail. Welcome to banana republicanism. heh.

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  2. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 21 May, 2012, 20:04

    How could anyone be surprised by the “moderates” in OC?

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  3. Rogue Elephant
    Rogue Elephant 22 May, 2012, 08:59

    The fish rots from the head down.

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  4. Donkey
    Donkey 22 May, 2012, 10:07

    The political parties, bureaucracies, and press have all been seized by a majority of left leaning cowards that have little to no integrity, honor, or guts to write or speak the truth.

    In my lifetime I have seen this nation go from a free society of hard working dedicated people to a police state controlled by public employees using their unions to buy politicians that will continue to enslave the people of this state.

    Anyone that supports Spitzer has chosen to support the continued growth of the police state! 😉

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 22 May, 2012, 12:27

    Lemmings in OC get pumped at the Balboa Bay Club and drop thousands of dollars in the greasy palms of long time loser political operatives…read all about it!

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  6. John C. Drew, Ph.D.
    John C. Drew, Ph.D. 23 May, 2012, 00:22

    I’m sort of new at paying attention to the local Republican party. Objectively, the one consistent theme I’m noticing is a steadfast commitment to incumbents – right or wrong. This principle ends up embarrassing the local party when incumbents go bad – as with Sheriff Corona or Rep. Campbell. Ulltimately, this turns the local Republican party into an object of ridicule as it stubbornly holds on to flawed individuals to through their name recognition manage to hold on to power. This system is supported, in part, by paid staffers and others who benefit from the resources and visibility controlled by incumbents. Somehow, there has to be a better way to organize the OCGOP so that it stands for constitutional conservative principles and not simply for the power of incumbents.

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  7. Andy Favor
    Andy Favor 23 May, 2012, 09:55

    I think this just shows how important it is to elect principled representatives to central committee. Other than making sure Allan Mansoor gets re-elected, the next critical vote we all need to look at are the candidates for central committee. Because, these races don’t get followed as closely, I have a list of principled limited government candidates running to right the ship. I know, I know. I have been a Republican for a short time. But I was an alternate to the OCGOP central committee in the past and only left the party when I felt the ship was going the wrong direction. Well, I am back to fight for principled change. Please support the following candidates June 5th:

    55th Assembly District
    Robert Lauten

    68th Assembly District
    Joshua Morales
    James Brownfield

    69th Assembly District
    Tim Whitaker
    Bryan Carter

    72nd Assembly District
    Bryan Hoops
    Patrick Dooley
    Pat Ross

    73rd Assembly District
    Steve Magdziak
    Michael Kogus
    Eric Stolaski
    Mark Dobrilovic

    74th Assembly District
    Allan Bartlett
    John Draper
    Daniel “Skip’ Marshal

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  8. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 23 May, 2012, 12:21

    “This principle ends up embarrassing the local party when incumbents go bad –as with Sheriff Corona or Rep. Campbell”

    John Drew, we all know about Carona. But you mentioned Rep Campbell. Why did you specifically cite him? I don’t like him any more than you do, btw. He voted for TARP and all the other big Wall Street give-a-ways. And there some allegations against him I believe for tossing votes in favor of the auto sales industry which he has been a big part of. And, of course, he refuses to debate any of his challengers whenever election season comes around. What else do you know about him? Just curious?

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  9. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 23 May, 2012, 12:29

    Oh, and be VERY suspicious of candidates who run under the TEA PARTY banner. Many of them are selling out to the TBTF banking establishment – the very ones most of them condemned when they ran for office.

    One litmus test is to see whether the TEA PARTY candidate CONDEMNS these TEA PARTY sell-outs who take crooked bankster money and refuse to blame Wall Street for their part in our economic demise. And always remember: SILENCE IS COMPLICITY!

    Here, read this:

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  10. dansmom
    dansmom 23 May, 2012, 12:58

    This is the same Scott Baugh- now affiliated with the “FOR PROFIT” OC Marathon. He insisted on putting 1000’s of people out of work on the day of the Marathon by closing down the OC Marketplace. Customers drove from a hundred miles away to view an empty parking lot. What did he accomplish- besides taking jobs???

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  11. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 23 May, 2012, 14:29

    Why do we ALWAYS get a poltical candidate endorsement for a guy named SKIP?

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  12. Watching the GOP
    Watching the GOP 23 May, 2012, 15:48

    @Andy…don’t know where you find your source for principled candidates? You’ve overlooked a number: No one in the 65th, but look at Steve Hwangbo, Greg Sebourn, Pat Shuff; in the 68th, you’re off track, try Scott Voights, Nick Wilson and Walter Myers III; in the 69th, you’re right on with Tim Whitaker, but you should add Charles Hart and skip Carter; in the 72nd, who is Dooley (No info anywhere), Hoops is inexperienced kid; and Ross is a mature homemaker; look at John Briscoe and Dean Grose; in the 73rd, you’re right on Mark Dubrilovic, but missed Chandra Chell and John Drew; and the 74th okay on Bartlett and Draper, who is Marshall? and add Jeff Mathews and Emily Sanford. Oh, and forget Scott Baugh.

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  13. Chriss Street
    Chriss Street 24 May, 2012, 10:19

    John Moorlach, Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, each year signs up for the defined benefit pension at he County of Orange. He will have 18 years of service and a $100,000 annual pension benefit for life and healthcare for life when he is termed out in 2014. Moorlach is an accountant and sat on the Orange County pension plan, so he knows the present value of his “benefit” will be $3.4 million.

    When Moorlach tried to get his fellow Supervisors to support extending term limits, he couldn’t get a second. They knew that four more years would increase Moorlach’s lifetime “benefits” value by another $600,000.

    Yet, the Orange County Republican Party always endorses Moorlach as a fighter against out of control public pension plans. It’s time for the crony treatment to end and the Republican Party to stand for its principals. require its

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  14. oc patriot
    oc patriot 24 May, 2012, 12:20

    Scott Baugh is a disgusting hypocrite and furthermore he is in bed with his little buddy Spitzer – Scott is and insecure man and smelled of alcohol the night he made the motion to get rid of Pauly. It is unbelievable that Central Committee will let this slime dog get away with this. The boys club goes on.

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  15. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 24 May, 2012, 12:36

    hah hah!

    Thank you, Mr. Street, for pulling back the curtains for us to see all the hypocrits standing there in their birthday suits!

    hah hah!

    I know Moorlach is a phony. I’ve know it for a long, long time. I never judge a man by what he says. NEVER. I only judge him by his BEHAVIOR. And Moorlach is one of the biggest hypocrits I’ve seen in OC on many different fronts.

    Keep fighting back, Mr. Street. Moorlach has trash talked you from his bully pulpit as I’m sure you’re aware. And he has the county megaphone with all the bells and whistles (to include the mainstream media) behind him. Don’t let him make you the scapegoat for the County’s fiscal problems, sir. Although you’ve had your problems you are not responsible for the financial cliff that has been created by the greedy top bureaucrats. You were only one of the pikers in the system. You do not deserve to be the fall guy. Fight back! 😉

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  16. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 24 May, 2012, 14:03

    Btw, Mr. Street. Those who tell the truth often lead lonely lives. Few people like truthtellers. Nothing makes human beings madder than the truth. If there’s no truth in it they generally just laugh it off. Old Will Rogers told us that many years ago. When you tell the truth you become a target. The truth cuts deep to the bone. If you really want to jab somebody there has to be an element of the truth in your statement. And if there is …… watch out. The wrath of God erupts! heh. 😉

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  17. Bastiaan Schouten
    Bastiaan Schouten 29 May, 2012, 14:51

    I don’t know politics in Orange County or Southern California at all, but the issues seem to be almost the same as here in the San Joaquin Valley, most are really statewide. Furthermore, Democrats have very similar honesty and credibility problems to those of the Republicans.

    We don’t need to dig so deeply about why the GOP is not doing well in this state, mainly it has to do with some so-called “conservative” elements making Latinos (and especially Mexicans) feel unwelcome in the GOP and in the country. Why would you vote for anyone dedicated to deporting half of your community, including your friends, neighbors, and family? Why back a party in which no one even has the “cojones” to condemn or even criticize peddlers of the only kind of hate that is still politically correct. Except for the Davis/Schartzneger debacle, no Republican has even come close to winning state-wide office since Pete Wilson and Prop 187. Nor will they as long as so much of the GOP does immigrant bashing. We are now starting to see the same at the national level. Bush was the last Republican to win the Presidency because he got 40% + of the Hispanic vote. And so it will continue. Even though Obama is vulnerable and has done a poor job on the economy, civil liberties, and has intensified our silly and wasteful “war on Drugs.” Romney will be soundly beaten (and he will do better than any other GOP hopeful would have done). This is true despite the fact that Obama has betrayed Latino voters by violating his campaign promise to try to regularize the immigration “problem” and by not only deporting, but administratively “detaining” more people than all of his predecessors–in this he has turned to punishing (with no bones about it) without due process of law (as these, now over 400,000, “detainees” have no access to habeus corpus) His “tough s__t., you’ve got nowhere to go” attitude makes most Latinos puke, but is unfortunately correct.

    Perhaps for some it gives comfort that the GOP has returned to its “know nothing” roots, but they forget what happened to that party. It is incredible how poor these “conservatives” are at math. US Census figures indicate that the number of white, non-hispanic voter are increasing at 0% per annum; black voters, at the same rate of growth,0%; Latino voters are increasing at 2% per annum. After eight years, 2% per annum, equals 17.1%. So after 8 years the number of Hispanic voters increases by 17.1%, while black and white voters do not increase in number.

    With these “Patriots,” one could argue, without effect, that we need this immigrant work force. One could unsuccessfully reason that it is immoral to maintain this two-tier labor force. I, for one, continually point out that a policy of inclusion, would give us and our sons continued access to the most attractive, sexiest women in the world, but with these folks, closed ears and closed minds even trump what should be the natural orientation of scrotums that are not yet prunes. Even numeric, political reasoning seems to have no effect as, in their minds, it seems that principle trumps practical.

    A better explanation is that like Jim Jones’ congregation, they have drunk the Kool Aid, in this instance the Kool Aid of bigotry. And just as the Jones folks quickly met thier Maker, so will they. That is justice. Unfortunately, it will take the GOP at least 20-30 years to recover, or possibly, it will just go the way of the “Know Nothings.” Too bad, America deserved better.

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  18. Rob
    Rob 29 May, 2012, 22:09

    Just one of the many reasons I quit the Republican Party. I can not tell them apart from the Democrat Party!

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  19. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 29 May, 2012, 23:57

    Your post reinforced my opinion that, in the end, democracy will destroy America.

    Thanks for your unintended support.

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