Jerry Brown: An Enlightened Despot?

July 2, 2012

By Katy Grimes

It is becoming rather difficult to distinguish California as part of a Representative Republic, when the Democratic party is able to hold budget “negotiations” without any Republican input, and the Governor attempts to manipulate the November ballot to favor a vote of his tax increase.

On Friday a Sacramento Superior Court judge stopped the Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, from assigning ballot numbers for the November election, thus preventing Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative from appearing on the ballot ahead of a competing tax initiative, for now.

The Molly Munger tax initiative campaign filed suit on Thursday to stop Brown’s manipulations from placing his initiative ahead of hers on the ballot, where most agree it would have a better chance of succeeding.

Judge Timothy Frawley ordered the Secretary of State to wait to do anything on ballot initiative placement until after a July 9 hearing.

Molly Munger’s tax increase initiative should have qualified ahead of Brown’s, leading many to believe that Bowen, also a Democrat, was in cahoots with Gov. Brown. The Munger campaign submitted signatures before Brown’s campaign, and in prior elections, ballot order has been determined by the date the initiative qualified. Munger’s initiative qualified before Brown’s.

The Judge wants the time to analyze election procedures, as well as a new law recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, which would help his initiative.

Brown appears to be signing laws that benefit his taxing plans. What country is this?

Worse than jury rigging

Brown’s antics are making Democrats in other states look like Boy Scouts, with this latest attempt to manipulate the November election.

Brown and state Democrats have so much riding on the passage of his income and sales tax initiative, that the Legislature just passed a bogus budget using anticipated revenue from passage of the hefty new taxes.

The Legislature and Governor not only increased spending this year, they obviously are confident they will squeeze it out of taxpayers one way or another. Democrats have become so cocky, this budget isn’t just out of balance, it is banking on futures.

This is a textbook case of counting your chickens before they hatch.

Budget hanky panky

Last week, while passing the remaining budget trailer bills, the Legislature passed a special bill which will place constitutional amendments above other propositions on state ballots, the Los Angeles Times reported. Brown’s initiative is a Constitutional Amendment. “The bill sailed through both houses of the Legislature without a committee hearing or any Republican votes,” the Times reported.

Since taking total control of both houses of the state Legislature, Democrats count on the end of the legislative session to pass many of the bills they couldn’t get through legitimately, by placing bill language into an empty “spot bill,” and then ramming it through for a legislative vote, without publicly held committee hearings. It is a sneaky, underhanded and dishonest way to pass legislation, and an obfuscation of the proper process–by any political party.

“During Brown’s 18 months in office, they have passed laws that could undermine initiatives they oppose and give a leg up to those they favor,” the Times reported.

Brown is increasingly using political tactics more commonly seen in despotism, when he doesn’t get his way, or when Democrats can’t get an agenda item through the Legislature. And his tactics closely resemble those of the Obama Administration, where Executive Orders prevail when the President cannot get Congress to do his special interest bidding.

Executive Orders and abuse of power

Brown has his own lengthy list of Executive Orders:

In April, Brown issued an Executive Order directing state agencies and state departments to take immediate steps to make state government buildings more sustainable and energy efficient, and meet the new, stringent “green” criteria. All new building will have to meet the state’s green building laws, and clean-energy retrofits of state buildings have already begun.

While this may make sense from an energy usage standpoint, the state is broke and needs to clean up its financial house before any more government expansions take place.

In May, Brown ordered the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Agency to establish a “Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force” to develop a 10-year plan “for improving the health of Californians.” Brown ordered all state agencies under his direct authority to cooperate. What an open checkbook for publicly funded health care in the largest welfare state in the nation.

In March, Brown ordered state agencies to begin to replace state vehicles with plug-in electric and fuel cell vehicles. While state officials vehemently deny that this is a carte blanche order to replace and buy all new state vehicles, anyone with half-a-brain can see where this order will lead.

Remember all of the clean, green Toyota Prius’s the Department of General Services bought, and then let sit unused? The General Services Department and Caltrans spent more than $5.5 million on new trucks and cars in 2009, but most of them sat idle.

These orders may make Brown think that he looks as if he is an Enlightened Monarch, but it feels more absolute power, and much more despotic, when rulers tended to abuse their power and authority to oppress the people.

Once the Golden State of opportunity, California has become the welfare state of nanny government, entitlements, and oppression, with continually increasing taxes on those who work, increasing government control, more and stiffer regulations on businesses and individuals, and far fewer individual rights.

Right under our noses, oppression and government dominance, using the overarching threat of punishment, has crept in. Starting at the top with the governor, lawmakers on every level in California seem to feel unrestricted by the state’s constitution, laws or by the opposition of the people.

What would you call this?


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  1. Donkey
    Donkey 2 July, 2012, 08:32

    Katy, the private sector citizens have had little to no representation for the last twenty years in this state.
    Look at the court enhancement costs for traffic tickets that are given to every non-PS citizen at the court houses across this state. Out of work private sector citizens are being treated no different than the people of Bell were by Robert Rizzo and his gang. Citizens are paying anywhere from three to ten times the cost of the infraction for the court cost enhancements. This is Sheriff of Nottingham stuff!!
    Check out our Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). We went from having around 20,000 prisoners in 1988 to around 180,000 as of now, not including county and city jails. How is it that America, with only 5% of the worlds population ends up having over 25% of the worlds prisoners?
    See the RAGWUS for what it truely is, the Mafia. Its sole goal is to enrich its members at all costs. Leaving the private sector with a maladroit system of “sevices” that the RAGWUS has deemed should be paid for again through fees or new service taxes.
    One thing you hit on is the absolute truth Katy, It is “rather difficult to distinguish California as part of a Representative Republic.” 🙂

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  2. Donkey
    Donkey 2 July, 2012, 08:45

    Katy, and I would point out above, that with all government fucntions, not one of which creates one iota of wealth for the people as a whole. Only the annoited RAGWUS feeder gets a return on the stolen loot of the private sector worker. 🙂

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  3. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 2 July, 2012, 08:49

    Donkey so deprived….so misunderstood.

    I guess your only alternative is Pack n Ship!

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  4. rockinlinus
    rockinlinus 2 July, 2012, 12:07

    The governor is working every angle to give his tax initiative the edge. His new hybrid initiative that he compromised with the CTA on was approved in record time — interesting. Now he wants his initiative to appear first, despite the fact that it was not the first one to qualify. If his initiative was actually going to guarantee that the money raised would go to our schools, perhaps this maneuvering wouldn’t seem so crass. Unfortunately, the fact is that the governor’s initiative will do nothing to help our schools (other than avoid the governor’s threatened draconian trigger cuts if his tax initiative fails). The $2.9 billion that he says he will (merely) do his best to send to schools represents money that schools have been owed. The governor does, however, guarantee money for prisons — even more interesting.

    The only initiative that will bring money to our schools is the PTA supported “Our Children, Our Future” initiative. This money is over and above any Prop 98 minimum the governor comes up with AND it is sent directly to schools sites, without passing through the black hole that is Sacramento. The money cannot be used to increase teacher salaries, but can be used to bring back programs and personnel cut from schools after $20 billion cut over the last four years. To find our how much your school will get if “Our Children, Our Future” prevails in November go to:

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 2 July, 2012, 12:34

    Nice infomercial….anyone selling apples…your up next!

    The clash for budget dollars between security, education, health/welfare bureaucrats is approaching a titanic struggle…due to the pie shrinking…..ugh!

    At some point even fanatical liberals will sense somethin ain’ t workin anywhere in State government.

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  6. Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 2 July, 2012, 20:05

    “clean energy” retrofits make no sense at all. They do not save enough energy to pay for themselves. Instead of wasting money trying to reduce energy usage, they should pay off debt instead. They will save far more money doing that.

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  7. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 2 July, 2012, 22:47

    Wow, yet another teddy Steals sock puppet handle……….

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  8. Ted Steele, The Decider
    Ted Steele, The Decider 3 July, 2012, 07:58

    Bob— Correct— Use the dollars directly to pay off debt– I agree—–

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  9. Tom in SoCal
    Tom in SoCal 3 July, 2012, 12:04

    I personally will not support any tax increases whether they are initiatives or constitutional amendments.

    It might have been different if the state had started with budget, pension and personnel cuts, but it always seems to me that politicos see revenue problems not spending problems.

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  10. dan
    dan 25 July, 2012, 12:11


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