California unemployment third worst at 10.7 percent

Aug. 17, 2012

By John Seiler

In numbers released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California’s unemployment in July remained the same as in June, 10.7 percent. But that was an improvement from the 11.9 percent of July 2011.

The U.S. unemployment rate of 8.3 percent for July 2012 also was the same as the previous month. The BLS reported, “Regional and state unemployment rates were generally little changed or slightly higher in July. Forty-four states recorded unemployment rate increases, two states and the District of Columbia posted rate decreases, and four states had no change.”

The economy seems in stagnation mode in the runup to the election, with employers waiting to see which politicians voters choose on Nov. 6, and what policies — despite the promises made on the campaign hustings — are implemented in January.

This is more evidence that the U.S. economic “recovery,” if it can be called that, is the slowest since World War II. Reported the Christian Science Monitor, “Since World War II, 10 U.S. recessions have been followed by a recovery that lasted at least three years. An Associated Press analysis shows that by just about any measure, the one that began in June 2009 is the weakest.

“The ugliness goes well beyond unemployment, which at 8.3 percent is the highest this long after a recession ended.”

Empty cradles

The weak recovery extends even to birth rates. According to the Economist:

“For years, America was unusual among rich countries in having a relatively high TFR of around 2.1, the so-called “replacement rate”, at which a population stabilises over the long term. European countries were typically below that rate, sometimes far below it.

“So it comes as something of a shock to discover that in 2011 America’s fertility rate was below replacement level and below that of some large European countries. The American rate is now 1.9 and falling. France’s is 2.0 and stable. The rate in England is 2.0 and rising slightly.

“American fertility reached its recent peak in 2007; its fall has coincided with the economic crisis that began at the end of that year. Recession seems to have reduced fertility through at least two channels. First, migrants often cannot find work and go back home. Since they tend to have slightly larger families than native-born citizens, this reduces fertility. It has happened in Spain in the past two years, and may be happening in America as Mexicans leave.

“Second, loss of income, compounded by the housing crisis, is causing young people to postpone marriage, the setting up of new homes, and having children.”

It’s not much of a “recovery” if people are too depressed to have kids.

California holding America back

California used to lead America out of recessions, its gigantic, high-tech industries being the Lead locomotive that pulled the train up the mountain. Now, we’re the caboose that follows everything else.

Meanwhile, the state political establishment is obsessed with placing even more burdens on the state with a passel of tax increases, beginning with a tax on multistate businesses that passed the Assembly. Next up are three tax increases on the November ballot. And it looks like the biased, pro-tax increase labels put on them by leftist Attorney General Kamala Harris are goosing the initiatives in the polls, and perhaps on election day.

Well, why not? California needs to kill even more jobs. Our 10.7 percent unemployment rate is still in third place, behind Rhode Island at 10.8 percent and Nevada at 12 percent.

We like to be No. 1.




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  1. Queeg
    Queeg 17 August, 2012, 09:28


    Things are getting better, and no one trying to take your Big Gulps or salt lick away!!!

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  2. Bill in San Jose
    Bill in San Jose 17 August, 2012, 10:08

    The tax increases will come because this is an electorate of entitlement.

    If we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with tax increases that sound “good”, we deserve to go under and the highly intelligent electorate will find someone or something to blame other than themselves.

    It is largely due to a migratory populus that has come from other places that expect the government to manage and control the people. This means third world countries. But is also means east coast, highly unionized areas where young people bailed out from due to the destruction left behind by the same generational unionization of the states they live in that have made them untenable for revitalization to ever occur.

    Sorry, that is a fact.

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  3. BobA
    BobA 17 August, 2012, 10:23

    It should be noted that unemployment, the recession, the federal government and California’s fiscal problems are abstract peripheral issues and have little to no consequences on the lives and fortunes of state and federal workers, politicians, Hollywood celebrities and multimillionaires.

    Some of them even express a genuine interest and say that they are concerned but if the truth were told, they are solaced by the fact that it’s someone else’s problem and not theirs.

    Hence they are free of any consequences of their actions and so continue to vote for the same policies and the same politicians that are driving this state and our federal government over a cliff.

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  4. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 17 August, 2012, 11:45

    Hey, we were #2 behind NV, now we move down one spoot-YE-HAWWWWW 😉

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  5. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 17 August, 2012, 12:14

    “Things are getting better, and no one trying to take your Big Gulps or salt lick away!!!”

    Sure Queegy. Have a Big Gulp of that Jonestown Kool-Aid. Who knew self delusion could taste so good 🙂

    The strengthening poll numbers for the tax hike initiatives dovetails nicely with my theory that Commiefornia voters are low involvement, low information zombies. They don’t pay attention until the last minute if that and even then, many actually base their vote on simplistic, contrived official ballot descriptions or propagandistic TV and radio commercials funded by special interests. Anyone who votes on that basis is a sucker, an ignoramus, a parasite or all of the above.

    The powers-that-be in this state have a near stranglehold on the popular mindset such as it is. If you think of Commiefornia as Greece on a bigger scale it all makes sense. This is why the smart, honest and productive people are leaving in droves. In this state the corrupt and ruthless democratic socialist elite rules over the ignorant and feckless masses. No end in sight. Happy times huh?

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  6. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 17 August, 2012, 12:22

    Rex, your sarcastic humor is grimly appropriate. I can see Jerry using that as a re-election campaign slogan and the scary thing is it would probably work. “Vote for me, things suck slightly less than they did 4 years ago!”

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  7. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 17 August, 2012, 12:29

    Very true Bill in San Jose. I’ve been saying this for years.

    Let’s not mince words. Certainly with respect to foreign immigrants to California, the overwhelming majority (95%? More?) come from countries where it is the norm for “the authorities” to tell everyone else what to do. It is a inextricable part of their cultures.

    They see nothing at all wrong with this. If “the authorities” tell them to vote for a tax increase – they vote for the tax increase.

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  8. Queeg
    Queeg 17 August, 2012, 12:33

    The taxes pass. Move on to moan and whine about something else!

    It’s about time righties lighten their wallets for the hardships and grief they cause poor residents.

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  9. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 17 August, 2012, 14:55

    Tax hikes are DOA- and I have $100 where my mouth is Teddy………you (or your sock puppets queeg and uhaul) game for the bet Teddy 🙂

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  10. Queeg
    Queeg 17 August, 2012, 16:29

    Best have someone read you the news. Taxes are passing…Obama in a huge landslide with big coatails! Free things are popular….apply and enjoy!

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  11. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 18 August, 2012, 11:35

    $100 Teddy, when you and teh sock puppet want that action let me know, pension sales tax is DOA, take that to the bank 🙂

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  12. Queeg
    Queeg 18 August, 2012, 16:08

    Poodle if California goes in the ditch your future will be grim too. Don’t you think being positive would make CWD a better site instead of a continious pity party. Nice…..nice…..poodle.

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  13. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 18 August, 2012, 23:31

    Poodle if California goes in the ditch…

    Teddy you fool of a moron, CA has been IN THE DITCH for the last 5 years, since 4th Qtr 2007, pull your miniature head and brain out of your sock puppets bu**s!

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