Best short explanation of Obamacare

Best short explanation of Obamacare

Sept. 15, 2012

By John Seiler

I’ve discovered the best short description yet of Obamacare. It comes in a slam against Mitt Romney by Joe Klein in Time magazine. Klein is a big backer of Obamacare, and of tyrannical central government in general. He writes:

“The insurance companies had to cover everyone, and the government had to require everyone to buy into the system. The insurers needed the larger pool of healthy policyholders to offset the cost of covering those who were already sick. And so I was prepared to whap poor Romney upside the head for this phony concession.”

Based on that, here’s an even shorter one, by me:

“Healthy young people without insurance are robbed to subsidize the insurance companies, who get more customers and bigger profits.”

The complaint about healthy young people without insurance is, “But if they get sick, then we have to pay for it.” No we don’t.

In the pre-1965 system, which was much better than this one, most people didn’t have insurance. My father didn’t have it for our family until 1970, even though he was a district judge in Michigan beginning in 1960.

In those happy days, you paid cash for care, which meant competition kept prices down. And if you were broke, then charity covered you. Almost all doctors performed charity work at much reduced rates. And hospitals donated their services to the poor.

Today, the existing system bloats the profits of Big Insurance, Big Hospital, Big Pharma and Big Politics. Obamacare will make that even worse.

If you’re a healthy young person, Obamacare is going to rob you once again. Just as you’re robbed already to pay for Social Security and Medicare, which are going broke and won’t be there for you. And just as you’re robbed by Big College, Big University and the Big Banks for $100,000 college loans you’ll never be able to repay.

You’re slave hooked up to the machines. Welcome to the real world.

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