Go Tigers!

Oct. 24, 2012

Sorry, California, but I’m rooting for the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. They’re my home team. I still can recite the opening lineup of the 1968 World Series Champion Tigers, the greatest team ever.

Nothing against the San Francisco Giants. They’re not an arch-enemy like the Yankees.

When I was a kid in the 1960s, aside from the World Series and the All Star Game, the only way to see National League players on TV was with NBC’s weekly Saturday game. I always wanted it to be a game with the Giants because my favorite NL slugger, Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid,” played for them.

And I liked them in the Barry Bonds era because he was hated for using steroids, even though the league allowed them then (although the U.S. government, ever repressive, had outlawed them).

I wondered why Bonds was hated, but Arnold Schwarzenegger, then at the height of his popularity, was beloved even though his whole career was based on pumping up with steroids.

Major League Baseball since has knuckled under to the Feds on steroids because it wants to keep its precious anti-trust exemption and tax-subsidized stadiums.

Well, there I go getting political again. It’s just a game.

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