Prop. 30 lovers inexplicably think they have moral high ground

Oct. 25. 2012

By Chris Reed

So Proposition 30 is built on a threat — raise sales taxes on everyone and income taxes on the rich or we’ll punish school kids.

Its primary purpose is to preserve a school status quo dedicated to the interests of adult employees, to such an extreme that there’s more concern about protecting child molesters from losing their jobs than about protecting kids from being molested.

And when Prop. 30 starts to falter in the polls because of ads that point out its slipperiness, what happens? The Democrats in the media freak out and blame the forces of darkness — as if Prop. 30 has the moral high ground!

“As Calbuzz predicted and warned, self-anointed school savior Molly Munger (with an assist from her right-wing brother Charles Jr. and the underhanded Joel Fox), has driven Gov. Jerry Brown’s Prop. 30, a measure to bolster the state budget and prevent draconian cuts to the schools, below 50% in the polls.”

Groan. How is it possible that Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine can have their blinkers on about the California Teachers Association after all these years? How can anyone in the media?

Prop. 30 deserves to fail for many reasons. One of them is that it is amoral. Threatening children to coerce voters is disgusting. That Jerry, Phil, Dan Morain, George Skelton, etc., don’t grasp this is a comment on the power of Sacramento groupthink.

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