We’ll be live-blogging the election

Nov. 6, 2012

By John Seiler

We’ll be live-blogging the election beginning around 5 pm, if that’s when the East Coast returns start coming in.

And at 8 pm, the California returns will start to come in.

Stay tuned.

Personally, I struggle every election whether or not to vote at all. Economist Gordon Tullock has calculated that your chance of having a deciding vote in a major election is less than getting killed in a car accident on the way there. Which is one reason why I’m walking to my polling station.

And it’s pointless to vote in the California presidential election, where President Obama will win by at least two million votes. He won by three million in 2008. They don’t call this the People’s Demokratik Respublik Kalifornia for nothing. Except for the weather, the PDRK resembles the DDR — East Germany — circa 1985. Jerry Brown even resembles the last DDR dictator, Erich Honecker (see pictures below), before the Berlin Wall was pulled down in 1989.

But I want to make sure a local tax increase loses and a tax cut wins. In a local election, it’s rare but possible my vote should count.

So, as they say in the president’s homeland Chicagoland, Vote early and vote often.


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