Registration edge no longer guarantees GOP victory

Nov. 11, 2012

By Chris Reed

Republican strategists for years have looked contentedly on the fast-growing Inland Empire as a future source of GOP strength, seeing all the suburban bedroom communities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties as a bulwark against Democratic strength in big cities. No more. In picking up four congressional and state legislative seats in Riverside County, Democrats underscored the increasing Latino vote in the county.

What’s more, a Riverside Press-Enterprise analysis suggests that the old rule of thumb in California politics — a GOP candidate is a lock in a district in which Republicans have more registered voters — is no longer true.

[P]reliminary precinct results suggest that Democrats received significant support from independents and some cross-over votes from Republicans.

In the county’s 31st Senate District, Democrat Richard Roth received 47 percent of the vote in precincts where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats. His Republican opponent, Jeff Miller, received 37 percent of the vote in precincts were Democrats outnumber Republicans.

In the 36th Congressional District, where Democrat Raul Ruiz defeated Rep. Mary Bono Mack, Ruiz received almost 48 percent of the vote in precincts where Republicans outnumber Democrats. Bono Mack received 43 percent of the vote in precincts where Democrats outnumber Republicans.

In San Diego, Democrats also appear to have won a congressional seat in which the GOP had a registration advantage.

This is one more bit of terrible news for California Republicans. Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012, except the doom they forecast is exclusive to one political party.


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  1. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 11 November, 2012, 10:27

    The open-primary in CA is Republican Maldonado’s baby–look what he gave birth to: There was a congressional seat in the Inland Empire, with the primary yielding two candidates for the general election–both Democrats. Instead of letting the voters in that District decide who was the best of the two, the rich Republican from the east (Bloomberg) made the decision for them–by pouring 2.3 million dollars into a TV ad for the candidate of his choice, in the last week of the campaign. Republican politics at its best!

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  2. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 11 November, 2012, 14:12

    LOL… that is so rich, seesaw complaining about money in politics while the pubic troughers pour HUNDREDS of millions into the election cycle, I love it, why not the people decide without all the trougher money seesaw???

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  3. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 11 November, 2012, 16:40

    I have told you many times over that any “trougher” money is made up of individual donations from the middle class workers, and the super-pac money comes from extremley rich individuals and corporations, etc. If you are too dense to see the difference, that is your problem.

    What is really rich is a blowhard such as yourself, getting his ass kicked on election day, and coming out on subsequent blogs as arrogant and unrepentent as ever–even in the face of the gentle handling you received from, “we”, who were concerned that your psyche might be so injured, you might try to do yourself in. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, evidently.

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  4. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 11 November, 2012, 18:39

    The “troughers” are the voters, Rex. The super-pac donors are not.

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  5. Queeg
    Queeg 11 November, 2012, 22:21

    SeeSaw….you make sense…..Loser Repub pundits, staff and misc operatives feed on live hosts as well as carrion…’s a job…win or lose.

    Don’t let up…..they must be reminded daily they lose for legit reasons….the people spoke!

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  6. Barb
    Barb 12 November, 2012, 06:23

    @Rex – unfortunately only about half “the people” voted this election cycle! Imagine that! Which probably gave the Democrats their power! Either they were too busy watching “The Kardashians” or “Jersey Shore” Or they are planning on movin out!

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  7. Queeg
    Queeg 12 November, 2012, 07:30

    Barb….are you too smart to understand you lose all the time? Be smug; there is a bench seat waiting in Poodle’s desert bunker. Kumbyah!

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