Rohrabacher threatens UC federal funding over “sanctuary” policies

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher last week warned UC President Janet Napolitano that the system’s sanctuary campus polices could jeopardize federal funding for research.  

The Costa Mesa Republican denounced a recent announcement from UC that campus police would not be cooperating with federal officials in deportation efforts of undocumented immigrants.

“Your commitment to spending scarce resources to finance people illegally present in the United States is unacceptable and a flagrant misuse of taxpayer money,” Rohrabacher wrote. “This is an insult to Americans and legal immigrants who pay your salary.”

While sanctuary policies align with the state’s liberal lean, one of the main policy reasons supporters turn to is that by creating a space where deportation is off the table, undocumented immigrants are more likely to cooperate with police in other investigations. 

“It is in the best interest of all members of the UC community to encourage cooperation with the investigation of criminal activity,” according to the UC statement. “To encourage such cooperation, all individuals, regardless of their immigration status, must feel secure that contacting or being addressed by UC police officers will not automatically lead to an immigration inquiry and/or a risk of removal.”

The UC system gets more than half of its research funding from the federal government, which Rohrabacher claimed is jeopardized by resistance to the upcoming administration. 

“I assure you that, in the next session of Congress, those who receive and spend federal dollars in a manner that includes people illegally present in our country will find it difficult to obtain those funds,” Rohrabacher wrote. 

The issue of sanctuary campuses is a small part of a bigger showdown between California and President-elect Donald Trump. While Trump campaigned heavily on a tough stance on immigration — which included mass deportation and the construction of a wall along the country’s southern border — California Democrats have since announced their intention to fight those efforts at every turn. 

Though Rohrabacher initially supported a different candidate in the Republican primary, he eventually came around to Trump with a full-throated endorsement, even going so far as to call other Republicans “gutless” who backed away from Trump at times of turmoil. His name was even floated as a potential candidate for secretary of state, although he was not chosen.  


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  1. Bill 'Genius in Motion' Gore
    Bill 'Genius in Motion' Gore 21 December, 2016, 07:13

    Dear California,
    You are indeed a golden, dewey-eyed utopian, perpetually dining on lotus. Unfortunately for you and your ardent ponytailed acyloytes, President Trump has been elected by Les Miserables in our nation’s Rust Belt, and this oncoming cold hard reality check is a certain buzzkill to your eternal virtue-signaling dreamy self esteem. This means, NO, your warm leafy campus cannot be a sanctuary for foreigners who break our laws and disrespect our borders. You might think it would be so groovy and loving to have 20,000 somalis huddling on the quad as victimization showpieces, but you are, after all, just as rigidly elitist as any New York billionaire. So now President Trump controls the valve on your federal grant money IV. Slowly closing off the flow. Can you hear me now? No? How about now? Ah, that’s better…..

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    • Truthafuss
      Truthafuss 22 December, 2016, 03:55

      I like your message. You used an appropriate amount of sarcasm directed at lotus eater emeritus Janet who thinks she is above the law and has nothing but disdain for rules if they are not hers. She was the same arrogant retard at DHS as she has been so far at UC. Not unlike Jerry Brown, for example, Janet is a seeker: a seeker of a life long dole, usually acquired by being a lapdog to left wing nuts while they are in power. Now the tables have turned. About friggin’ time. Item: Janet’s salary should be reduced to 10% of what it is, until she begins serving the people of California again, honestly and without disdain for those who pay her ridiculous salary. Then maybe it should go up again to 15% of what it is now. The UC system was broken before she came. Now it is a full blown disaster. It’s what happens when freaks occupy high places.

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        WILL CASEY PURVIS 24 December, 2016, 08:44

        Open I think you’re telling me That she has found the money tree.Where all of free money grows on trees.Let’s plant them somewhere in America where hungry kids and their parents can find them.

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  2. Dude
    Dude 21 December, 2016, 07:57

    I don’t care if they leave the “undocumented immigrants ” alone…..because there is no such thing. However, the ILLEGAL ALIENS have to be marched back to the fence that they illegally crawled over and sent back to their country.

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  3. Terry
    Terry 21 December, 2016, 09:42

    I am Praying that our country is going to get back to Constitutional law and enforce it. Sanctuary is in their own home country. Not here. I read that CA wants to become a sanctuary STATE. Are you kidding me!!!! I hope Trump cuts off every dime to CA. No FBI, Homeland Insecurity, ATF, FDA, CDC ETC Enough is enough. You would think from the election even the liberal bleeding hearts would understand that most people are sick of their lunacy. But then since liberalism is a mental disorder it is going to take a long of time. CA is the last stand and the last to change.

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  4. Standing Fast
    Standing Fast 21 December, 2016, 10:07

    Either we live by the Rule of Law or we give up our Liberty. It is not an injustice to require people to follow the laws of our land if they wish to come here to visit, to work or to live. I don’t know what is so hard to understand about this. If all the illegal aliens applied for legal entry, I would be glad to welcome them to my country. I’m told that many won’t do this because they are afraid of being deported. Doesn’t this prove the point?

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  5. Queeg
    Queeg 21 December, 2016, 10:53


    Most Plutocrats are privileged, result of chronism or nepotism, are scum attorneys and believe what is somehow deemed legal is moral/ethical.

    California is falling into a long term slide, out of step with American traditional values. The government feed bag supports this sanctuary nonsense…..Strident Herr Rohbracher has warned……the nonsense will cease.

    By the way…..who makes money on the illegals? Teaching kabal, prision workers, welfare workers, delusional nonprofits, chain markets, fast food barons….so refreshing knowing it ends soon.

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    • Standing Fast
      Standing Fast 21 December, 2016, 16:24

      Good points! Had not thought about who actually benefits financially from the current immigration policy. Or lack thereof.

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  6. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 21 December, 2016, 13:48

    Any City,Collage,Univerdity of any such place make their place a sancuary for illegal aliens should have all its benifits shut off by 100% and have the city councilsmayors and adminastrators arrested for treason and harboring the enemy

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    • Queeg
      Queeg 21 December, 2016, 16:37

      Comrade Spurtty

      Your fantasies become reality.

      Herr Rohrabacker, black boots and all, has wandered in the forsaken deserts of the world, rode camels with Afgan freedom fighters and eaten crap sandwiches far too long.

      He has been unleashed-

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  7. Standing Fast
    Standing Fast 21 December, 2016, 16:32

    If this were an ideal world, that would be what you would expect. But, this is not an ideal world, which is why we are having this conversation.

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