Tax increases force me to cut spending

ScissorsFeb. 13, 2013

By John Seiler

In State of the Union address yesterday evening, President Obama said, “Even with the tax relief we’ve put in place, a family with two kids that earns the minimum wage still lives below the poverty line.”

What “tax relief” is he talking about? Joined by the “small government” and “tax-cut” Republican leadership in Congress, on Jan. 1 he massively increased taxes on 77 percent of Americans. That was part of the “fiscal cliff deal” — really a fiscal ripoff — that jacked up payroll taxes 2 percentage points. Those making just the minimum wage usually don’t pay income taxes; but they sure pay the payroll tax.

He talked a lot about helping the “middle class,” but most people will pay about $1,000 more a year. In a two-earner household, that’s $2,000 more a year that won’t go toward kids’ education, a down payment on a new home, car repairs or other essentials. Instead, the money will be sucked in by the D.C. lobbyists and government functionaries who are draining the country of its life’s blood.

As I wrote about a month ago, I’m meeting the massive tax increases by cutting spending. Today I just canceled Netflix DVDs. Savings: $8.63 a month. Sorry, Netflix workers.

While doing so, I also noticed that Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax increase had boosted that bill by 2 cents a month. Not much, but it adds up on other purchases. For example, I just had an unexpected car repair bill of $1,450. About $1,000 of that was for parts, meaning Prop. 30’s sales-tax increase of 0.25 percentage points “on the rich” dinged me for $25. I’ll be cutting spending big time for that, and not just for the $25.

Next week, I’m canceling my Financial Times subscription. Savings: $39.90 a month. I can get similar information elsewhere, for free. Sorry, fellow journalists, I can’t afford you now.

Tax backers

By the way, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and the FT are big tax-increase supporters. So they should blame themselves for the loss of my custom.

I’ve also cut back on eating out by half, to once a week. I’ll probably cut that back even more. Although my culinary skills are on the level of the Three Stooges, if you don’t have the money, you don’t have it. Sorry, restaurant owners and workers.

I still have to make more cuts in spending. When government revenues shrink, politicians go on spending sprees paid for with more robbing the people and more debt.

My reaction is different: cut back to live within my means.

In the State of the Union, the president brought up tax increases numerous times.

And on NBC, Rep. Steny Hoyer, the House Minority Whip, just said more tax increases are coming: “Does the country have a spending problem? The country has a paying for problem. We haven’t paid for what we bought, we haven’t paid for our tax cuts, we haven’t paid for war.”

Well, “we” didn’t “buy” that — the spendthrift Congress did, beginning with him. “I” don’t want any of what he “bought” with my money. So, Steny, don’t steal more of “my” money to pay for it!

But he will anyway.

As in January, no doubt the Obama-Hoyer tax-increases eventually will be supported by the Republican leadership, and imposed on us.

Time to cut more of my spending.

In the comments below, write what spending in your life you’re cutting so our Masters in Government can live better at our expense.


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  1. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 13 February, 2013, 10:15

    Well, I just paid $4.30 for a gallon of gas, $70 to fill up, that DEFINITLEY makes me cut spending.

    If gas prices are not brought down and under control we will have never have a recovery, ever.

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  2. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 13 February, 2013, 10:17

    Gas prices are IMO the BIGGEST inflationary issue that has to be controlled.

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  3. Sean Morham
    Sean Morham 13 February, 2013, 11:25

    Cable TV, $75/month. Sirius, $15/month, Shopping more at Wal Mart/buy used, save $30/ month. Driving less,, $35/month. Eating out less $75/ month, car insurance $75/month. Overall, the last twelve months have been a complete embrace of frugality to offset tax increases, financial demands for Kids in college. When I saw they are competeting for scholarships with and spouse said this is bul*s00T. When I saw families getting gov t down payments on a house in our neighborhood, and a cheap mortgage, more of same. We will never change these habits, constantly looking to spend less. It is us against the mooches.

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  4. Paul
    Paul 13 February, 2013, 12:13

    Liberals are the biggest issue besides illegal alien free loaders…..and taxing us to death…

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  5. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 13 February, 2013, 18:02

    The biggest inflation-problem I have is the cost of medical insurance. My premium for ABC group insurance, which is secondary to Medicare, has gone from $400+ to $900/mo. in five years.

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  6. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 13 February, 2013, 19:02

    The biggest inflation-problem I have is the cost of medical insurance. My premium for ABC group insurance, which is secondary to Medicare, has gone from $400+ to $900/mo. in five years.
    Stop whining like a little girl.

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  7. Douglas
    Douglas 13 February, 2013, 19:44

    Nobody “jacked up” the payroll taxes. The taxes were reduced for two years, then restored to normal.

    The glass is at least half full.

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  8. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 13 February, 2013, 20:16

    “My premium for ABC group insurance, which is secondary to Medicare, has gone from $400+ to $900/mo. in five years”

    Waa, Waa, Waa, Waa. Pathetic whiner. Your hero Obummer promised that Obummercare would “bend the cost curve down”. How’s that working out for you Progressive Fascist chumps? Go cry to your fearless leader, he’s the one who lied to you. Maybe he can mint you one of those trillion dollar coins sucker!

    Consider this, the economy is already heading into recession. GDP actually shrank in final quarter 2012. More tax increases will further impede economic growth and guarantee another recession this year. I wonder how the propaganda ministers of the Regime Aligned News Media will spin that?

    I can already hear Obummer out of one side of his mouth talking about deficit reduction while out of the other side insisting that we need more deficit spending for the magical stimulus effect. How about we give every American a money printing press to really stimulate the economy. Why should Ben Bernanke and his Wall Street co-conspirators have all the fun?

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  9. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 14 February, 2013, 04:36

    City of Smell-A is trying to RAISE the sales tax AGAIN, less than 6 months after the state did. SO the employees can have “raises”.

    WTF are these idiots smoking???????????????????????

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  10. us citizen
    us citizen 14 February, 2013, 12:06

    Villa grossa ought to be shot. I heard that too. Those idiots in LA brought this on themselves.

    Well I’ve already cut down to the bone. I had to when my business starting taking a dump big time because of other people cutting back. So see the circle just escalates and gets worse and worse.

    My health insurance has gone up 4 times in the past 2 years………thanks Seesaw for voting that giant piece of turd into office. Go whine somewhere else, because I sure don’t feel for ya.

    Get the stinking illegals out of here too. Enough is enough. Why in the hades should I be paying their way??? Give me ONE good reason!

    Oh yeah……I’m not being PC anymore either…………..

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  11. Douglas
    Douglas 14 February, 2013, 23:12

    Do you really think that “giant piece of turd” caused your health insurance to increase four times in two years?

    Hip replacement. $39,000

    Coronary bypass. $63,000

    Pacemaker insertion $22,700

    Heart Valve Surgery $35,976

    Chest CT – (with contrast) $414

    Kidney dialysis. $44,000 per year

    Kidney transplant $89,000 plus $16,000 year anti rejection meds.

    Heart transplant. $650,000

    Cancer treatment drugs $1,600 to $10,000 a month

    When I was a kid, most of these procedures were not available at any cost. Just live the rest of your life in a wheelchair, or, with cancer or heart failure, pain meds to make the end bearable.

    And modern medicine is coming up with more life extending and health improving procedures every day. You can live longer and better, but it will NOT get cheaper. Health costs are increasing because health care is improving. If health care costs are increasing, health insurance costs will increase.

    Or you can just tell your doctor you don’t WANT dialysis, and save your insurance company some money. If more people declined these expensive treatments, insurance companies could reduce their rates.

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  12. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 15 February, 2013, 00:46

    You guys blaming Obama for the increase in health care costs are idiots! “Obamacare” has not even kicked in yet. And, yes, US citizen, I did vote for him, and I was in the majority of voters all over the U.S. Kinda makes you look stupid, doesn’t it.

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  13. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 15 February, 2013, 00:53

    Oh, look everbody! That Rex is whining about the cost of the gas he has to put in his car, so he can get somewhere. What a stupid whining animal–must think he is really a human.

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