Obamacare in Washington, D.C.

Obamacare in Washington, D.C.

Ambulance movie posterFeb. 22, 2013

By John Seiler

Although Washington, D.C. now has some “home rule” by local democracy, the U.S. Constitution actually gives all power over the District to the U.S. Congress. So the feds really run it. The functioning of government in D.C. thus is a clearn demonstration of how the federal government works everywhere. There’s no question of “federalism,” or control by the states, because D.C. isn’t a state.

When I lived in D.C. in the mid-1980, it was infamous for three things:

1. Its murder rate for a while soared above even that of Detroit.

2. There was a joke: “The city warns you when a pothole is ahead. The sign on the road reads: ‘Entering Washington, D.C. Marion Barry, mayor.'” That’s because the city was so ineptly and corruptly run that every road was rippled with potholes.

3. Ambulance service was terrible. The newspapers frequently ran stories about someone injured in a car accident who wasn’t picked up by an ambulance for 45 minutes, meanwhile lying in the road, bleeding out.

It was sort of Obamacare — government-run socialized medicine — 30 years before the actual program was imposed, at is happening now. As in most areas around the country, government ambulance and firefighter unions had driven out efficient, cheap private ambulances, leaving only the socialist government ambulances.

The ambulance system hasn’t improved:

“WASHINGTON — A late ambulance that resulted in what’s been called a bill for nearly $800 has motivated tens of thousands of people to sign an online petition to drop the charge.

“On the night Durand Ford Jr. called for an ambulance, dozens of D.C. firefighters – about one-fourth of the force that day – called out sick.

“It was New Year’s Eve, and Ford’s 71-year-old father, Durand Ford Sr., was short of breath.

“The first call for help came at about 1:26 a.m. A D.C. ambulance could not respond, but a fire engine with a paramedic did, D.C. Fire and EMS says, as well as a truck with firefighters trained as EMTs.

“When a D.C. ambulance could not immediately respond, D.C. called for assistance from Prince George’s County. A D.C. ambulance arrived before the Prince George’s ambulance, about 30 minutes after the first call, according to D.C. Fire and EMS.

“Fire officials say Ford arrived via ambulance at the hospital at 2:26 a.m. But his condition was grave and he ultimately died.”

Then — get this — the city sent Ford’s heirs a bill of $780 for the ambulance service!

They killed him and want to be paid for it. And of course, Ford and his family paid huge federal and city taxes for this “service.”

Just as all of us will be paying massive amounts in taxes and “fees” for Obamacare, but will get socialist, D.C.-style “service.”

What used to be a routine trip to the hospital to get patched up will end up being a one-way drive to the morgue.


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  1. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 22 February, 2013, 09:28

    Or you could have a few laughs with your ambulance exposee….

    Mother, Jugs and Speed.

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  2. wake up america
    wake up america 27 February, 2013, 08:44

    What the author of this article fails to address is all the bs calls that take valuable resources away from real emergencies. By law most require the ambulance take anyone that calls.

    Lets see some recent calls, these are real calls and your tax money being thrown down the toilet.

    1.) hysterical mother insists her child be taken lights and sirens because he licked a bar of soap all the while there are three adults lounging in the other room watching TV and four cars in the driveway that could have driven him to an urgent care.

    2.) adult male cut himself shaving, the medic applied pressure, but the patient still insists on being checked out even though they are no longer bleeding from the 1/8″ cut

    3.) how about I stubbed my toe three weeks ago and it doesn’t hurt anymore, and there is no pain, but I really need to have it checked in the ER just in case

    4.) homeless woman claims she is having chest pain and dramatically grabs her chest, she is dropped off in a room and before we make it back to the ambulance she is walking across the lot. After talking to her and she admits she just needed a ride across town and didn’t have cab fare.

    Waste calls like these are not rare occasions, they happen thousands of times everyday. So before you go blasting the emergency services as being slackers, how about a look at the abuse of the system that eats up what few resources are available.

    You wonder why there aren’t more resources, I’ll tell you why, in many parts of the country, you can make more slinging fries at burger king then you can saving lives. Your ambulance crew is likely making minimum wage with no benefits and working a 12-24 hour shift, putting their lives on the line.

    Oh and fyi, if I were present and someone was in bad shape and ambulance could not reach them quickly, I would drive them myself. It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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