Big Brother IRS is watching you on Twitter and Facebook

Big Brother IRS is watching you on Twitter and Facebook

big-brother-is-watching-you4April 8, 2013

Just in time for the government’s favorite day of the year: April 15. When they gouge us down to the bone.

Now the IRS is spying on our Twitter and Facebook accounts:

“It says the effort is to catch people trying to beat the system, but some say it goes too far.

“Attorney Kristen Mathews warns to be careful with what you say on social media platforms.

“She has concerns the government is pushing the limits of what has historically been considered private.

“‘There are laws that regulate the government’s ability to get a hold of things like credit card transaction history. But those laws have become more permissive in the last several years, particularly after 9-11, and so some might say those laws are no longer in line with the average expectation of privacy,’ says Mathews.

“The government has said it would only check a Facebook page or twitter account if there is already red flag in a tax form.”

They only would check “if there is already a red flag.” Riggggggggght.

Anyone doubt we live in an Orwellian police state?

That’s why the government riles us up with a “two-minutes’ hate” against the “1 percent” who supposedly had to “pay their fair share.” When the government — Democrats and Republicans — really raised the taxes of 77 percent of Americans.

It’s all a diversion to divert our attention from the government’s real mission of enslaving us.

1984 = 2013

Double-plus good!

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