In LAUSD, who teaches struggling kids? Interns. Thanks, CTA.

April 22, 2013

By Chris Reed

Los Angeles Unified is an ongoing, never-ending monument to the core premise of California education: Let’s make life easy for veteran adult employees.

Its United Teachers Los Angeles-dominated school board has for years enforced policies designed to let more experienced teachers escape the hassle of having to teach in poor neighborhoods with struggling students whose parents don’t speak English. This has led to ACLU lawsuits and some changes, but the status quo is pretty entrenched.

A new story offers a fresh example of this. Who teaches struggling English learners in many poor neighborhoods in LAUSD?


“Los Angeles Unified School District has a very different worry about intern teachers: They come, they get trained, they move on to schools in better neighborhoods or high-paying districts, leaving students with one intern after another.

“’Those students unfortunately are experiencing a churning year after year of interns,’ Janet Davis, director of a Los Angeles Unified School District committee that provides access to professional development classes, told the Commission. ‘We had a strand of kids who actually had an entire elementary experience with only intern teachers. And those students suffered.’”

Social justice, anyone?

When will rank-and-file Democrats who believe that their party is about helping the downtrodden wise up about the CTA (UTLA is a CTA affiliate)? When will they wise up about what the California Democratic Party uses its power to achieve?

Never, evidently.


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  1. Hondo
    Hondo 22 April, 2013, 10:27

    Just what is an intern? I mean, are they paid, how much, and what is their level of education?
    If it was just second graders, how much education to you need to teach a 7 year old that 4+4 equals 9.

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  2. Queeg
    Queeg 25 April, 2013, 00:35

    Since when is public school worth talking about? And LA is depressing on so many levels……

    Enjoy life! Forget LA schools. Move with Ulysses Uhaul!

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  3. Neima
    Neima 29 May, 2013, 08:21

    8 Reasons to VOTE NO to the TA1. Vote NO because it is time we draw the line. 4 fuuohrgls this year, plus 10 next year, equals 14 FURLOUGHS to save only SOME of our membership next year.2. Vote NO because there is a clause in this contracts that allows the district to get out of any provision in Section 5c. “ In the event that such support does not materialize in a timely manner, the District may cancel the program restoration in question…”3. Vote NO because we cannot trust the district. LAUSD went back on last year’s agreement and will do so again! This is why we will have to take an additional 4 fuuohrgls on our July 5th paycheck.4. Vote NO because this will negatively effect our retirement. Retirement is the average of the last 3 years of pay. By accepting this deal you will make about an additional 5% less and will see a dip in your retirement benefits.5. Vote NO because this agreement leaves many of our colleagues behind. Approximately 1700 UTLA members remain RIF’d, including 37% of Adult Education, 27% of Early Childhood Education, and all RIF’d high school teachers6. Vote NO because the district has not agreed to any non-monetary items. Vote NO because this contract does not specifically mention restoring any secondary positions.7. Vote NO because this agreement allows the District to continue funding its pet projects like a new teacher evals based on test scores, reward political friends with expansive contracts, and continue spending on misplaced priorities (charters, testing etc.).8. While we care about everyone’s job, we also care about our students and our profession. A yes vote will only save some of our teachers for another year and will put them back on the chopping block next year. At best, a yes vote will give people another year to look for another job before LAUSD holds them hostage again. There will be NO teaching profession to stay in unless we vote NO.Vote NO because this contract only makes the district stronger and UTLA weaker. A NO vote sends a message to LAUSD and UTLA, we will not take this cuts lying down any longer! We are willing to stand up and fight. Ya Basta!Please vote NO on this TA.Warmly,Jose LaraSocial Justice Educator & ChairUTLA Central Area

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