CA Legislature passes slew of ‘Gunmageddon’ bills

CA Legislature passes slew of ‘Gunmageddon’ bills

June 3, 2013

By Katy Grimes

guns and american revolution, cagle, Dec. 24, 2012

SACRAMENTO — Call it “Gunmageddon.” The many anti-gun bills moving through the legislature would severely restrict gun ownership and use in California.

A major one is Assembly Bill 48 by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley. It passed the Assembly on May 29 by a 46-26 vote and now is being considered in the state Senate.

It would ban the sale of magazine parts kits that can hold more than 10 cartridges, and require mandatory reporting of law-abiding citizens who purchase more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition within a five-day period.


Skinner says it’s easier to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or certain cold medicines. “Sales of some cold medicines are reported to the Department of Justice but not ammunition sales. We expect to show ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, but there is no such requirement for bullets. Bullets, the very thing that makes a gun deadly, should not be easier to buy than alcohol or cigarettes,” she said recently at a hearing.

“Criminals don’t buy ammunition in bulk,” Assemblyman Don Wagner, R-Irvine, said. “This is creating a government watch list of people who buy ammo in bulk — for no good reason.”

Wagner said a weekend sport shooter can easily shoot 3,000 rounds, as can a target instructor or an event organizer.

Anti-gun owners

AB 48 requires reporting of ammunition sales, requires licensing of ammunition dealers, and establishes other controls on ammunition sales similar to current controls on firearms sales.

And AB 48 makes it illegal for gun owners to purchase parts that allow them to convert their guns into assault-style weapons that can fire more than 10 rounds of bullets without reloading.

Justifying this overreach of government, Skinner’s motivation behind the bill are the recent mass shootings in a theater in Aurora, Colo., and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. “We’re trying to make it just a little bit more difficult for someone to be able to carry out a mass shooting,” Skinner said at a recent hearing.

But Skinner is putting the target on lawful gun owners, who purchase ammunition and gun kits legally from gun stores. Criminals don’t shop for legal gun merchandise at gun stores.

As if targeting gun owners isn’t enough, AB 48 also requires federal and local officials to be notified when an individual purchases more than 3,000 bullets over a five-day period.

Gun lobby

California Gun Owners of America explained AB 48 in more detail:

* Expands the definition of “large-capacity magazine” to include disassembled parts even if the parts only “appear” to hold more than 10 rounds.

* Requires all ammunition sales to be done through an “authorized firearms dealer”.

* Requires all ammunition sales to be reported to the Department of Justice.

* “Large” ammunition purchases would cause an “alert” to be sent to the police.

* Criminalizes mere possession of repair parts for magazines.

* Allows off-duty peace officers to stockpile personal ammunition.

* Requires the state to track tens of millions of ammo transactions and millions of consumers.

“We need to do our best to give law enforcement the tools necessary to defend us,” Skinner said during floor debate of AB 48.

AB 48 goes to the Senate where it is expected to pass.


Yet experts say that bills would have no effect on mass shooters, who could obtain their weapons and ammunition in other states, or on the vast black market for guns and ammo. The black market in guns actually has been increased by the weapons spread around by Operation Fast and Furious. That’s the federal program for which U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress because he refused to turn over documents to congressional investigators.

The bills also don’t deal with the role of psychiatric medications in these mass killings.

David Kupelian is the author of “How Evil Works.” He asked shortly after Adam Lanza went on his killing spree in Sandy Hook Elementary, “Where is the reporting about the psychiatric medications the perpetrator — who had been under treatment for mental-health problems — may have been taking?

“After all, Mark and Louise Tambascio, family friends of the shooter and his mother, were interviewed on 60 minutes, during which Louise Tambascio told correspondent Scott Pelley, ‘I know he was on medication and everything, but she homeschooled him at home cause he couldn’t deal with the school classes sometimes, so she just homeschooled Adam at home. And that was her life.’”

In “How Evil Works,” Kupelian said it is indisputable that most perpetrators of school shootings and similar mass murders in our modern era were either on — or just recently coming off of — psychiatric medications:

“Columbine mass-killer Eric Harris was taking Luvox — like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor and many others, a modern and widely prescribed type of antidepressant drug called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. Harris and fellow student Dylan Klebold went on a hellish school shooting rampage in 1999 during which they killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 24 others before turning their guns on themselves. Luvox manufacturer Solvay Pharmaceuticals concedes that during short-term controlled clinical trials, 4 percent of children and youth taking Luvox — that’s 1 in 25 — developed mania, a dangerous and violence-prone mental derangement characterized by extreme excitement and delusion.”

Senate and bills

The Assembly also is working on the following gun bills just passed by the Senate, about to be voted on in the Assembly:

Senate Bill 47 by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, expands the definition of “assault weapons” to ban the future sale of rifles that have been designed/sold and are equipped to use the “bullet button” or similar device. It requires new “assault weapon” registration of all semi-auto rifles currently possessed, and subjects these firearms to all other “assault weapons” restrictions.  SB 47 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 374 by Sen. President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, expands the definition of “assault weapons” to ban the future transfer of all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines. SB 374 requires new “assault weapon” registration, and requires registration of all those semi-auto rifles that are currently possessed in order to retain legal possession in the future, and subjects these firearms to all other “assault weapon” restrictions.  SB 374 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 396 by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, bans the possession of any magazine with a capacity to accept more than 10 cartridges, including currently legally possessed “grandfathered large capacity” magazines.  SB 396 passed in the state Senate by a 25 to 14 vote.

Senate Bill 53 by Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, requires persons to buy an annual ammunition purchase permit, requires the registration and thumbprint of the purchaser for each ammunition purchase, and bans online and mail order sales of ammunition to Californians.  SB 53 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 108 by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, requires mandatory locked storage of firearms in a locked house regardless of whether anyone is present.  SB 108 passed in the state Senate by a 21 to 17 vote.

Senate Bill 293 by Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, bans the sale of conventional handguns, if the state Department of Justice approves the sale of “Owner Authorized — Smart” handgun technology. SB 293 passed in the state Senate by a 22 to 14 vote.

Senate Bill 299 by Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, turns victims of firearm theft into criminals for failing to report the loss of their firearm within an arbitrarily allotted amount of time.  SB 299 passed in the state Senate by a 24 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 567 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, expands the definition of shotgun for “short-barreled shotguns” that are illegal to own with a new definition so flawed it can reclassify handguns shooting “Shot-shells” as shotguns.  SB 567 passed in the state Senate by a 22 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 683 by Sen. Marty Block, D-Los Angeles, expands the requirement for a firearms safety certificate from handguns to rifle purchases.  SB 683 passed in the state Senate by a 28 to 11 vote.

Senate Bill 755 by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, expands the list of persons prohibited from owning a firearm, including persons who have operated cars and boats while they are impaired; commonly referred to as DUI.  SB 755 passed in the state Senate by a 25 to 12 vote.

Assembly bills

And the Assembly also passed these gun bills:

Assembly Bill 169 by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, bans the sale of handguns not on the state-approved roster.  This would ban the sale of millions of used handguns currently owned by Californians.  AB 169 passed in the state Assembly by a 43 to 27 vote.

Assembly Bill 180 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, repeals California’s firearm preemption law by granting Oakland an exemption to enact unique laws regarding possession, registration, licensing and subjecting gun owners to unknowing criminal liability when travelling through Oakland.  AB 180 passed in the state Assembly by a 46 to 29 vote.

Assembly Bill 231 by Phillip Ting, D-San Francisco, expands the law for Criminal Storage of Firearms and child access.  AB 231 passed in the state Assembly by a 46 to 30 vote.

Assembly Bill 711 by Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, D-Maywood, bans the use of all lead ammunition for hunting.  AB 711 passed in the state Assembly by a 44 to 21 vote.


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  1. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 3 June, 2013, 11:53

    Adam Lanza had no alcohol or drugs – psychotropic or otherwise – in his system when he killed all of the children and teachers. He only had a Bushmaster 5.56mm assault weapon and several high capacity magazines.

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  2. us citizen
    us citizen 3 June, 2013, 12:04

    No, he was just nuts………..which has nothing to do with guns. He could have used pressure cookers! Oh wait, they have nothing to do with anything other than food either. So it has to be the NUTS part.

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  3. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 3 June, 2013, 12:21

    Skipping dog – Adam Lanza used handguns in the school shootings. The assault weapon was left behind in his car. MSNBC and NBC admitted this error.

    And, the term assault weapon was invented by the anti-gun lobby as a way of blurring the distinction between military-style semiautomatics, which fire once per trigger pull, and selective-fire assault rifles, which can be set to fire continuously.

    The “assault weapon” you reference, is proof of this: “According to a 2011 survey of gun dealers by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 49 percent of AR-15-style rifles were purchased for target shooting, 23 percent for hunting, and 28 percent for personal protection. These supposed “weapons of war” clearly have legitimate uses, which far outnumber criminal ones,” Reason Foundation explained.


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  4. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 3 June, 2013, 12:32

    John – You are mistaken and you know it. Every child in the school was killed with the Bushmaster assault rifle. Lanza killed himself with a glock handgun.

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  5. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 3 June, 2013, 12:32

    My apologies, Katy. The previous post should have been directed to you.

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  6. The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm)
    The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm) 3 June, 2013, 13:40

    The whining that goes on about gun rights left paranoid years ago— now it’s just fox news/Palin ignorant. You will always be able to own guns in America– end of story. Reasonable restrictions may save life.

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  7. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 3 June, 2013, 13:48

    Skipping dog-

    Whether or not the many stories and misinformation about whether or not Lanza used a rifle, actually misses my point, and all of my previous stories and points about the anti-gun lobby renaming certain weapons, “assault weapons.”

    But there is one thing for certain: violent crime rates at a modern low and still going down, and only 323 homicides were committed by rifles in 2011. That includes hunting rifles, assault rifles, military style rifles, semi-automatic rifles and whatever label one comes up with, regardless of magazine or clip capacity.


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  8. Hondo
    Hondo 3 June, 2013, 14:27

    I think Amerikan’s should have the same guns that Obama sold to the drug cartels in ‘fast and furious’. An AK with 30 round mags. Its only fair.
    Those guns killed hundreds of Mexicans, including a whole bunch of teens at a party. The liberals only care about white kids in Sandy Hook getting killed. They care nothing about the genocide in Mexico of brown people, killed with Obama guns. The liberals care nothing about the genocide of blacks in our inner cities like Chicago and Detroit.
    Obama and Holder ought to go to jail for mass murder for sending guns to the drug cartels.

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  9. BobA
    BobA 3 June, 2013, 17:21


    No big deal. The California legislature is just showing some love for the criminal and making the state safer for them. After all, they’re letting them out of prison early and we wouldn’t want any harm to come to them while they’re plying their trade and trying to make a living would we?

    I mean, what right do we lowly citizens have to defend our life limb and property against the criminals among us? That’s what we pay the police for and if you’re being shot, stabbed, raped or your home is being broken into while you’re at home, ask the criminal perpetrator for a time out so you can call the police.

    Besides, if you harm a criminal, they can sue you for physical damages and the police will throw you in jail for assaulting a fine upstanding member of the criminal community.

    Just be sure that the next time you want to buy a gun or some ammo, you buy it from a fine upstanding member of the criminal community since they will be the only ones with unfettered access to such weapons. Who knows, you just might get a cash money discount on some hot little item they just stole.

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  10. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 3 June, 2013, 18:20

    Skippy…no doubt you missed this story—-
    Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours
    Three killed Sunday after three were killed Saturday. One of the wounded includes an 11-year-old girl who will never walk again.
    Blame is being placed on the warm weather in New York over the weekend.

    Wonder how many were rifles? (I bet zero).

    Wonder how many were legally registered? (I bet something close to zero).

    And this is New York, which has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation.

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  11. us citizen
    us citizen 3 June, 2013, 18:30

    Great posting BobA

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  12. The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm)
    The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm) 3 June, 2013, 20:26

    Bo-bo— you’re going to get athletes mouth from jumping on and off bandwagons…

    apologies to ee cummings

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  13. Consistency
    Consistency 3 June, 2013, 20:34

    I remember Mark DeSaulnier was introducing gun restriction ordinances when he was a member of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. He was dumbfounded that the masses would choose to own and fire certain kinds of guns as a hobby.

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  14. BobA
    BobA 4 June, 2013, 08:50

    us citizen:

    You’re welcome. It was meant as satire but it’s not that far removed from the truth.

    By the way: In England if a burglar breaks into you house and you injure them with a a bat or some other object you go to jail for assault and will very likely get more time in jail that the thief who broke into your home.

    Criminals are a protected class in this country and have more rights than law abiding citizens. How else would you characterize free room and board, 3 square meals a day, free health care, free education, a retirement plan, etc., etc., and not pay one cent in taxes? It beats working for a living.

    The fact that they get caught from time to time and confined to the local gray bar hotel is just an occupational hazard and a government paid vacation.

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  15. michael s
    michael s 4 June, 2013, 09:07

    Land of the fruits and nuts, took there states peoples rights from them. Of course they are close with our dictater HIEL OBAMA.

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  16. wolverine
    wolverine 4 June, 2013, 09:57

    If you believe the “government hype” that Lanza used a Bushmaster to do the carnage with, I guess you can, but, I believe the ME’s fist statement that all the bullets he found in the victims came from handgun bullets.

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  17. wolverine
    wolverine 4 June, 2013, 09:59

    Obama added to the disbelief a Bushmaster was used, when he referred to the rifle as fully automatic.

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  18. BobA
    BobA 4 June, 2013, 12:20


    You mean Obama lied –again?? Which chapter, section and paragraph in the reference catalog of Obama lies do I find that specific lie?

    He continues to tell so many lies that the US Printing Office is have a tough time cataloging and updating the printed list of Obama lies.

    When we’re finally rid of him, his lies will be printed up in hardback with the title “American Marxism: Theory and Application” with a forward from Karl Marx and Bill Ayers.

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  19. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 4 June, 2013, 12:27

    Didn’t miss the story at all, Jimmy. Perhaps you can tell me how more and easier access to guns would have changed that event?

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  20. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 4 June, 2013, 12:44

    The ME never said anything of the kind, wolverine. Every ME statement has identified the Bushmaster assault rifle as the murder weapon. The crime scene description clearly identified approximately 150 empty 5.56mm cases at the scene. That’s what you call solid physical evidence, by any measure.

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  21. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 4 June, 2013, 12:57

    Here’s a nice link to the search warrants related to Adam Lanza, wolverine. You’ll find they identify what kinds of ammunition and empty cases were recovered from the school crime scene.

    If you’re going to claim it’s all some kind of massive conspiracy and cover-up, for whatever fevered fantasy that might support, you’re probably better off over at a site like ATS or Free Republic where facts don’t matter at all.

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  22. Evan
    Evan 4 June, 2013, 13:18

    NUMBER 1.

    Adam had no drugs or alcohol in his system when he killed people?

    Maybe that’s why he killed people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was supposed to be heavily medicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Itsjustme
    Itsjustme 4 June, 2013, 13:29

    SkippingDog – Stop and use reason for a second. Crazy is what all the legislation should be about. The man was crazy… point blank. In fact, all the shooters have been crazy. Crazy people do unpredictable things – with unpredictable materials. Who cares what kind of gun it was – the gun was just a tool, it was not the reason. The reason was crazy. People kill others with various materials all the time, we don’t blame the item – we blame the person. SkippinDog – It appears you want to control others because you don’t like guns. Great, you have the freedom to not like it, and the freedom to not own it. However, it’s important to keep in mind that people own firearms to protect themselves from tyrants like you. That is the whole reason we have and wish to retain these Civil Rights. It’s a civil right even if you don’t like it – you believe in civil rights, don’t you? If you don’t, well then you’ve just presented another reason why we own guns. Only those who wish to control others have a desire to strip away rights. Again, please use reason.

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  24. Dave B
    Dave B 4 June, 2013, 18:47

    SkippingDog says “Adam Lanza had no alcohol or drugs – psychotropic or otherwise – in his system when he killed all of the children and teachers. He only had a Bushmaster 5.56mm assault weapon and several high capacity magazines.” Kind of proves the danger of stopping SSRI’s with no taper…the detox time is the most prone to psychotic episodes. The crazy part was his Mother’s inability to have him placed in a facility without the bureaucratic obstacles…didn’t see that on prime-time news.

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  25. The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm)
    The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm) 4 June, 2013, 19:19

    Bo-bo! an opinion about EVERYthing! LOL

    thank God you have am radio access so you can source your dull-spooky opinions!

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  26. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 4 June, 2013, 19:52

    So I’m sure all of you who are claiming “it’s the crazy people, not the guns” are fully supporting efforts to require both a medical clearance and psychological examination before any individual can possess, purchase, transfer or otherwise have a gun – right?

    Your idea would also require that all physicians report anyone prescribed an SSRI to the police or department of justice, so that individual can be identified as someone who isn’t allowed to possess a gun.

    That’s where your suggestion leads, so you might as well own it.

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  27. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 4 June, 2013, 20:03

    Sorry, justme. People do kill with a lot of different implements, but the vast majority of homicides are committed with guns – handguns in particular – because they’re just so effective at carrying out the task. After all, firearms are the only consumer product that kills people when they are operated properly and according to their design purpose.

    You gun fetishists are very amusing though. You’ll construct vast and elaborate explanations for violent human behavior that leave out the basic fact that it’s far easier to kill another human being with a gun than with any other readily accessible tool, weapon or device. When someone actually takes you up on your proposed solutions to our gun homicide problem, whether your suggestion has been for expanded background checks or psychological screening of gun buyers, you quickly retreat back into your crazed absolutist rhetoric.

    The truth is your side is losing the larger fight about guns. Younger people aren’t buying guns in the quantities necessary to line the pockets of the gun manufacturers, younger people don’t take up firearms related hobbies with anything remotely like the percentages they reflected during the “golden age of outdoor sports,” and most guns are being sold to a dwindling consumer base of existing gun owners. Owning a gun is quickly assuming the same social stigma that smoking and driving under the influence has achieved.

    Face it, you’re a supporter of a gun culture that will one day soon be regarded as the equivalent of wearing a KKK hood or claiming to be a latter day Nazi. Ridicule and social isolation are in your future, but you’ll keep holding your guns close to your body for comfort.

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  28. pie
    pie 5 June, 2013, 06:26

    hmmm, lets get things stirred up some. why dont we combine the war on drugs with the war on terror. lets drug test anyone who buys firearms or ammunition. start out with the entry drugs test like pot, then jail people if they test dirty. now thats efficient!

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  29. Queeg
    Queeg 5 June, 2013, 08:20

    Doomers 29 posts. Your alarmed……they take away your guns….chill….eat some wings from Poodle’s truck stop in Adelanto with a cool Blatz beer…relax….

    Reply this comment
  30. The Ted
    The Ted 5 June, 2013, 10:05

    Lmao Queegster

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  31. Itsjustme
    Itsjustme 5 June, 2013, 14:50

    SkipingDog, Please take a look at the stats and read actual world news once and again. The younger generation is actually fighting back against tyrannical controlling dictators. These same controlling forces actually prefer it if their “rebels” are unarmed and work damn hard to keep it that way. This is the primary reason that we have a second amendment. Yes, you can call me a gun fascist…that’s fine. Name calling happens when someone has no real ground to stand on. Your comparisons to racist organizations prove that. However, since you bring it up.. Hilter hated an armed society too – look what happened there. Have a great day and see you at the range!

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  32. pie
    pie 5 June, 2013, 15:02

    mm wings and beer does sound good. I suppose the state is not ready for an efficient answer to combat waste. Maybe a citation if they test dirty? The idea may generate more capital, keep druggys from firearms. especially those federally evil pot smokers.

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  33. Queeg
    Queeg 5 June, 2013, 15:27

    New posters appear incoherent… it the water?

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  34. pie
    pie 5 June, 2013, 19:32

    my bad, information overload here (sitting down to shut up). I do like all of the old posters comments. this site is one of my regular reads.

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  35. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 5 June, 2013, 22:53

    It is the best……..and Teddy makes it that way!

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  36. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 5 June, 2013, 22:55

    So, Itsjustme, you’re now claiming we need to arm everyone to fight against those tyrannical controlling dictators we have in Washington and Sacramento?

    You must be on drugs.

    The “freedom fighters” you seem to admire in places like Egypt, Libya, etc., are all being armed with military weapons by, among others, Iran and Russia. What do sane gun restrictions in a civil society have to do with those civil wars?

    You have clearly jumped the shark with your minute man fantasy.

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  37. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 6 June, 2013, 20:11

    They are reading your posts…….be docile and compliant….or your Renditioned ……whisked away on a black jet to the middle east and your life will be forever miserable.

    Reply this comment
  38. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 8 June, 2013, 16:00

    So, another crazy guy with an assault weapon runs amok in Santa Monica killing several people and terrorizing the city. But it’s always just the crazy guy with the gun fetishists, never the fact that he had easy access to an efficient killing tool.

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  39. Abandon Hope
    Abandon Hope 2 July, 2013, 23:26

    CA Abandon all hope. Higher taxes, socialized medicine, illegals and criminals with more rights and political voice than tax paying law abiding citizenry, unions who subjegate your vote, courts that strip you of your vote to appease the minority and the
    CA has been spoiled too long with pacified suburbia liberals who care more about their 8$ latte then what’s going on in their name in the state Capital, aging discontented hippies desperately trying to maintain relevancy in the 21st century with their head in the sand, and everyone with their hand in the pocket of the state.

    When the masses stop getting their goverment checks and come to take what they think ‘The Rich'(anyone who they feel has more or what they want) have and they rape or kill or brutalize you and your family and the police arrive 20mins later because they were on their 4th union mandated coffee break or because there are only 1/2 the police in the city because the state politicians can’t balance the budget to benefit them politically and they sure as hell failed miserably at basic mathematics.

    They will strip us of our rights in the name of ‘public safety’, make us dependent on the state for everything and criminalize those who do not conform. Wait a minute didn’t the state do this in…Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba…God I miss Ronald Reagan. I want to leave this state.

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  40. MC
    MC 15 July, 2013, 11:28

    I went to listen in and participate in this legislation that’s being proposed. Made an open letter to Gov. Brown – just a few minutes.

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