Yeah, sure, CA is going to love Obamacare

Yeah, sure, CA is going to love Obamacare

obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurtThere has been a striking lack of common sense among advocates of Obamacare.

First example: It was completely predictable that allowing companies to not provide health insurance to employees who worked less than 30 hours a week would lead companies to broadly shift to part-time employment. In any industry in which advanced or even moderate job skills aren’t necessary — in which employee turnover is no big deal — it makes far more financial sense to have 80 workers at 25 hours a week than 50 workers at 40 hours a week. None of the 80 workers would have employer-paid health insurance in the former scenario; in the latter, 50 would. Duh.

The result, per NBC News, is stunning: the Labor Department says 97 percent of the jobs created in the U.S. over the last six months were for part-time work. The disincentive to provide full-time jobs is so huge that the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers and other labor union leaders recently wrote in a letter to the White House that it was a threat to “destroy the foundation of the 40-hour workweek that is the backbone of the middle class.”

Obama expects ‘enormous success’ in Golden State

Now we see another example of a simple lack of common sense with more than a touch of delusion. This is from a Politico story about Obamacare’s implementation and how it’s been resisted by some states and embraced by others:

“[T]he political mood is very different in the states that are trying to implement it, [an administration] official said, and there will be ‘enormous successes’ in the states that give the law a genuine effort — ‘and there will be many of those,’ citing California, Maryland, New York and Nevada.”

CoveredCalifornia1Yeah, sure, Californians are going to love Obamacare. Avik Roy of Forbes’ number-crunching shows how hard-hit one economically vulnerable group is going to be:

“If you’re a 25 year old male non-smoker, buying insurance for yourself, the cheapest plan on Obamacare’s exchanges is the catastrophic plan, which costs an average of $184 a month. (That’s the median monthly premium across California’s 19 insurance rating regions.)

“The next cheapest plan, the ‘bronze’ comprehensive plan, costs $205 a month. But in 2013, on, the average cost of the five cheapest plans was only $92. In other words, for the average 25-year-old male non-smoking Californian, Obamacare will drive premiums up by between 100 and 123 percent.

“Under Obamacare, only people under the age of 30 can participate in the slightly cheaper catastrophic plan. So if you’re 40, your cheapest option is the bronze plan. In California, the median price of a bronze plan for a 40-year-old male non-smoker will be $261. But on eHealthInsurance, the average cost of the five cheapest plans was $121. That is, Obamacare will increase individual-market premiums by an average of 116 percent.

“For both 25-year-olds and 40-year-olds, then, Californians under Obamacare who buy insurance for themselves will see their insurance premiums double.”

A $2,000 deductible? That will be embraced? Really?

Oh, this is just going to be HUGELY popular.

Wait — there’s more. Under California’s Silver Obamacare option, which officials expect to be one of the most used, the annual deductible is $2,000.

So young, healthy Californians who average a trip or two or three a year to the doctor will have to cover all the costs — and also pay premiums that are way higher than they used to have to pay.

They are just going to LOVE the Affordable Care Act.

No, they’re not. Duh.



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  1. BillyBS
    BillyBS 19 August, 2013, 07:59

    Bush’s hands are all over this, need to call it Bushcare.

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  2. Barb
    Barb 19 August, 2013, 08:13

    Thanks for more insight to this disaster! Just more claims on such a ill-conceived bill! Earlier I was reading yet another casualty on the “part-time Obamacare Nation” front and this time employees at the young women’s fashion store “Forever 21” received notice that full-time employees will now become part-time with no benefits. Someone on FB posted a letter sent out by their corporate headquarters explaining the decision. What astounds me is some of the respondents to the post are still castigating big corporations as being greedy, fat cats and using Obamacare as an excuse or they believe unionizing these companies will fix everything! If the ACA has nothing to do with this, then why are so many companies dropping full-time employees to part-time and why are they dropping their benefits? Do they really think that this was just a knee-jerk reaction? I’m just astounded by the lack of common sense!

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  3. George Acosta Jr
    George Acosta Jr 19 August, 2013, 10:47

    Bush really?!! Hahaha!!! Obviously a sheeple

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  4. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 19 August, 2013, 12:29

    Are you depressed…..not keeping your personal doctor….premiums going way up…..see 35% of the population getting free or heavily subsidized health care…..trying to figure if playing by the rules is the way to go….

    Oh My!

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  5. Chrisxman
    Chrisxman 19 August, 2013, 13:15

    Bush? Can’t be serious, must be a “Wooly”. . .

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  6. BillyBS
    BillyBS 19 August, 2013, 20:14

    Bushcare..he did it before he caused Bengazhi, too many deniers won t face the truth. Lifetime presidency for the greatest leader in American History, the great one, Barack Obama the First…gives me chills just writing it. Forgive me great one for writing your name, I am not worthy,

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  7. Ted Steele, Janitor
    Ted Steele, Janitor 24 August, 2013, 19:48

    Pres Bush wasn’t smart enough to do it.

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