As with fracking, Obama shuns green cultists on GMO foods

One of the most puzzling phenomena I’ve seen in years of watching the California media is how they simply won’t report that the Obama administration considers fracking to be just another heavy industry that can be made safe with routine regulation. This refusal to discomfit the greens who think fracking is evil hit its all-time extreme when The Los Angeles Times covered a press conference in which Obama’s interior secretary dismissed concerns about fracking but declined to quote her as doing so. Instead, the LAT attributed the “fracking is safe” spokesman to an oil-industry spokesman.The New York Times covered the same event and quoted Interior Secretary Sally Jewell at length.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see the San Francisco Chronicle matter-of-factly report that the president’s team also shuns the green loons when it comes to the safety of genetically modified foods.

“The Obama administration on Friday said it expects to approve corn and soybeans that are genetically engineered to tolerate a 1940s-era herbicide 2,4-D, used mainly on lawns and golf courses to kill broadleaf weeds.

“That’s because Monsanto’s trademark RoundUp and other glyphosate herbicides no longer work on the super-weeds that are sprouting on the 170 million acres of genetically engineered crops (also known as GMOs, or genetically modified organisms) now planted in the Southeast and Midwest.”

The “war on science” from the left

So this is like advanced GMO work to make up for problems involving previous GMOs — and the president says let’s get it done. Anti-GMO types hoped this minor headache would be offered a a definitive example of how evil GMOs are.

For that disinformation we’ll just have to rely on the lefty enviro reporters at The Atlantic. They’re still in alarmism mode.

I think Republicans have earned the headaches they face over the spurious label of being engaged in a “war on science” because of their tired insistence on touting creationism in many states.

But on environmentalism, it is the Democrats who are relentlessly engaged in a war on science. From GMOs to fracking to secondhand smoke and a whole lot more, they fold, spindle and mutilate the hard evidence to advance their secular religion in all its heavy-handed and nanny state iterations.

But on GMOs and by and large on fracking, they’re losing — just like the creationists.


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