Covered California to register voters

Covered California to register voters

voting electronic machine wikipediaCovered California, the state’s implementation of Obamacare, now will be mailing voter registration cards to enrollees. Given that most of these folks are poor, and poor people tend to vote Democratic, this is a big boon for the Democratic Party that already dominates state politics.

Reported the Chronicle:

“Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, began the mailings last week and agreed to add voter-registration material to its online, telephone and in-person enrollment procedures by this fall, theAmerican Civil Liberties Union said Monday.

“The ACLU represents the League of Women Voters and others who accused the state of violating the 1993 National Voter Registration Act by failing to include voter-registration material in insurance applications. Nicknamed the motor-voter law, it requires states to let people register to vote when they apply for driver’s licenses or public assistance. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen told Covered California in May that the agency was covered by the voter law.”

Get it? Democrats passed the NVRA in 1993 when they controlled Congress and the White House. It mandated voter registration with government insurance. Then in 2010, when Democrats again controlled the whole shebang, they passed socialist medical insurance. Which meant that the socialized medical insurance will lead to more Democratic voters.

The idea that this somehow will lead to more democracy is not in fact the case. It’s already easy to register to vote. You can do it online. You can get an application at a local post office. You can call your county registrar of voters to get an application. Various activist groups hold get-out-the-vote rallies. And starting in 2016, you’ll even be able to register at the polls on election day.

The only way to avoid registering to vote is to either not want to, or to be exceedingly lazy. Now, even that won’t be an impediment.

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