CA Dems back tax cut

CA Dems back tax cut

Hollywood sign, wikimediaWill wonders never cease? Three years ago, Democrats in the Legislature were upset when Republicans denied them the two-thirds votes needed in the Assembly and Senate to put a tax increase on the ballot. Led by Gov. Jerry Brown, they then gathered signatures to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot Proposition 30, which increased taxes $7 billion. Voters passed it.

The Democrats now have had a change of heart. Reported the Times:

“SACRAMENTO — Proposed legislation aimed at providing more tax credits to attract so-called runaway movie and television productions back to the industry’s birthplace in California won initial approval from a legislative committee Tuesday.

“The proposal would renew and increase a state tax credit — amounting to as much as $400 million a year — to better compete with generous tax subsidies available in more than 40 states, including New York, Louisiana, New York and Michigan, as well as studios in Canada and Britain.

“The tax credit would allow most film and TV production companies to reduce their tax liability by 20% of the cost of many production expenditures.”

So Democrats actually admit that high taxes drive away business. And although Prop. 30 mainly was taxes on rich folks, $1 billion comes from a sales tax increase. So the poor and the middle-class effectively will be paying for that $400 million tax break for Hollywood investors, movie moguls and stars.

Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, gave this explanation:

“This is our industry to keep or lose. We need to send a message to New York, England and other states competing for our jobs and say, ‘It stops here.'”

But what about the rest of us? What about workers in manufacturing, or construction, or retail or lumber? Can’t we cut taxes for them and say to “states competing for our jobs,” such as Texas, “It stops here”?



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  1. Queeg
    Queeg 26 March, 2014, 08:46

    The tax code is already manipulated by globalists. Now throw in porno and smut peddling movie ilk….great……just fine!

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  2. Donkey
    Donkey 26 March, 2014, 09:00

    This is only being extended to the demonrats friends in hollyweird, they could care less about the people that make between $50 and $120 thousand a year. 🙂

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  3. Steve Mehlman
    Steve Mehlman 26 March, 2014, 10:46

    Oh, yeah, the Republicans are real “friends” of the people that make between $50 and $120K. That’s why they push so hard to eliminate taxes on capital gains and to create more tax loopholes for the one percent.

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    • John Seiler
      John Seiler Author 26 March, 2014, 23:07

      Steve: You’re always so funny! The middle class is going extinct in California. Who can afford a $750,000 home? Or the 9.3 percent income tax rate, which starts at $55,000 of income? Only the rich and government workers.

      The middle class either gets poor, or leaves.

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      • S Moderation Douglas
        S Moderation Douglas 27 March, 2014, 07:38

        John: You’re always so funny!

        “Who can afford a $750,000 home?

        Only the rich and government workers.”

        Another Seilerism.

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        • SeeSaw
          SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 14:52

          Anybody buying a $750,000 home is upper middle class–most of us public pensioners belong to the lower middle class and would never qualify for a home in the price ranges of what is being asked today. Now nobody can buy–they can only rent from the corporations that are creating a false market and driving up the prices so that regular middle class people cannot participate.

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  4. Donkey
    Donkey 26 March, 2014, 11:56

    Shove your leftist propaganda right where you usually do Mehlman. The one percent maxim makes RAGWUS feeders like you feel good about stealing from the people that make $50 to $120 thousand a year. Capital gains is demonrat doubletalk for triple taxation on investment income. The demonrats steal from seniors by taxing their SS benefits too. A working citizen pays into SS all their lives and then the thieves in government lay claim to it again, and at the same time calling it an entitlement.

    The RAGWUS feeders are the biggest problem private sector citizens are facing, not the one percent you demonrats demonize. 🙂

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    • SkippingDog
      SkippingDog 26 March, 2014, 20:16

      You seem angry and enraged again, Donk. You really need to talk with your doctor about all of that cortisol coursing through your system. It’s bad for your heart, as well as your sanity.

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    • SeeSaw
      SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 14:30

      That is really silly, Donkey. The total wealth in this entire world is held by less than 100 people, according to what I have read. I am a public sector retiree and 70% of my monthly, gross pension check is already gone by the time I get it, for federal and state taxes, and medical insurance premiums. Does that seem like a balanced retirement existence to you, let alone, a rich one! Keep in mind that 98% of CalPERS annuitants make less than $100,000 year, so how you can keep blaming public workers for what is wrong in this economy is a mystery to me! I hope that the 2% who are making the big bucks just go out and spend, spend, spend!

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      • Donkey
        Donkey 27 March, 2014, 17:24

        SeeSaw Wrote: “The total wealth in this entire world is held by less than 100 people, according to what I have read.” You can’t really believe that now, or do you?

        SeeSaw it is not just RAGWUS feeders, but the politicians that they own. I just finished reading the indictment of Senator Yee, he and many others are doing nothing for the people of this state. It is all about stealing by using the law in a corrupt manner, just like Rizzo, Adams, and every other RAGWUS feeder sucking off the taxpayers. 🙂

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    • SeeSaw
      SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 14:47

      There is pro and con with every situation Donkey. I share your disdain about the taxation of SS benefits. At least you don’t pay any state income tax on SS Benefits in CA. I will do some research on the beginning of SS taxes and bet I will see some rightists there. My private sector spouse is very grateful that his spouse is a public pensioner, for we would be paupers without my pension-then you could complain about us being “feeders”. There are many more private-sector spouses, children, relatives, and friends who benefit from the public sector pensions that their spouses/relatives have earned with years of hard work serving the public in general–it was a labor of love for me.

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      • Donkey
        Donkey 27 March, 2014, 17:33

        Look SeeSaw, and I have written this before! I have no problem with a RAGWUS member receiving $40,000 or $50,000 a year for a pension, it is the $70,000 to $300,000 plus pensions I have a problem with, and if you would go to Chris Reed’s article on Yee and read the indictment on these state thieves it may open your eyes.

        I have no worry’s with a worker retiring in dignity on the private sectors dime, but not at the expense of a private workers labor, so a cop or FF can receive millions in retirement! 🙂

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        • SeeSaw
          SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 19:47

          Yee is an individual and if he is guilty he is an individual crook–neithther the state nor other state workers are resonsible for whatever Yee did in his own transactions for any crooked enterprise he was involved with.

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          • Donkey
            Donkey 28 March, 2014, 13:25

            Yee is not the only RAGWUS bought demonrat politician that has been arrested SeeSaw! It is clear the entire bunch is bad. 🙂

  5. Ted Steele, Manager
    Ted Steele, Manager 26 March, 2014, 14:20

    John– We all have the spirit of Brown our great budget balancing Governator—– we indeed rock John!

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  6. bob
    bob 27 March, 2014, 04:06

    Demoncrats are nothing but thieves.

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  7. Hank
    Hank 27 March, 2014, 07:01

    Another item for the $80,000 swag bags given away to the “hosts” of self reflecting “stars” meager annual accomplishments. Tax brakes for making movies nobody wants to see. Hollywood is soo ready for it’s close up. Can’t come soon enough.

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    • SeeSaw
      SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 14:36

      Its all marketing strategy, Hank. Its what make the economic wheel turn–there were most-likely thousands of people employed by the companies that manufactured those items, that they want the recipients to use and spread the word around, that they are so great. It is in the eye of the beholder, regarding what movies people want to see. I am a movie buff, since I was a child. I love movies–so there!!!!!!

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      • Hank de Carbonel
        Hank de Carbonel 27 March, 2014, 19:16

        The tax break is for investors, not the average worker who is in the industry.If the investors and decision makers produced a product the people wanted there would be no need for government aid. Sell tickets, popcorn and dim the lights.. Good products make good money.

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        • SeeSaw
          SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 19:53

          If the investors get their tax break they stay in CA to produce and in that sense, the break is for the workers in that industry. The investors are already making money by taking their productions to where it lowers their overhead. Reduce their overhead and they stay in CA and the unemployment rate in Hollywood goes down. There have been plenty of good products and they have made good money. The concern is still about an industry that is leaving CA, and it is needed here for the workers that work in Hollywood. Simple as that…..Aren’t you and your minnions always praising Texas for having no regulations and lower taxes so it can steal our workers?

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          • Hank
            Hank 27 March, 2014, 20:32

            My minions have left the State to work on movies in other States. I am still here. I agree that the workers and artists in Hollywood are deserving of a thriving California Industry. The point is investors will always be attracted to places they can reduce costs and increase margins. Owners are not the same group as the workers. If the government was paying attention to the industry as a whole they would keep California attractive to Show Biz. Hollywood is a very unionized industry and while I am for anybody getting as much income as possible, you must be aware there will always be an alternative. It is called a market economy. When labor and REGULATION become oppressive there are normally two options, relieve the negatives or force the goods to be produced elsewhere. That is the message of other States and countries have been sending to Sacramento for years. Politicians live by the old saw that no one will ever leave California no matter what they do. It’s that magnet thing.
            A good example of what happens when you don’t pay attention would be Detroit or Pittsburg. Their leaders were sure it would never end, just like the knot heads in Sacramento.

  8. Queeg
    Queeg 27 March, 2014, 07:54

    The filth capital should not be given corporate welfare…

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  9. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 27 March, 2014, 14:20

    The headline is misleading, in the first place. This is a tax cut for a specific industry in order to help keep the jobs in CA for these middle-class workers.

    When you talk about the income where the highest bracket begins in CA, you should clarify that the income the tax is figured on is “taxable income”. My gross is several thousand dollars more than the taxable income–I have no itemized deductions–just use the standard. The income tax liability for my spouse and me, the last two years, has been $1850–that is cheap enough, in my view, for the privilege of living in this great state!

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    • S Moderation Douglas
      S Moderation Douglas 27 March, 2014, 18:59

      It’s called a Seilerism.

      “— Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.”

      Or, just make stuff up, as long as it fits your agenda.

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  10. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 27 March, 2014, 20:55


    Don’t be so sour and glum……making up stuff is fun and called disinformation, the cornerstone of spy novel plots.

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    • S Moderation Douglas
      S Moderation Douglas 27 March, 2014, 21:55

      Right now I’m reading a novel by Michael Savage (aka Wiener)

      I’m not a Savage fan, just the opposite, but was curious when I heard he wrote a novel (two, actually) so I checked out a free book.

      I don’t know if he had a ghostwriter, but the book isn’t bad.

      Not Grapes of Wrath, but good for killing time.

      Spoiler alert, in the first novel (I haven’t read it). The hero,”based on” Savage himself, saves San Francisco from nuclear destruction, by foiling a terrorist on the GG bridge.

      (Foiling as in stopping, not like the foil on duncies head)

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