Poll: Special interests run state govt.

Poll: Special interests run state govt.

Government of the peoplePeople finally are catching on that “government of the people” isn’t.

The Public Policy Institute of California’s new poll finds:

“A strong majority says state government is pretty much run by a few big interests looking out for themselves (68%), while just 24 percent say it is run for the benefit of all the people. This level of distrust is high, but it is about the same as it was in December (76% can trust government some or none of the time, 71% government run by a few big interests).”

Yet, in 12 days, people will trudge to the polls to vote for the same politicians controlled by the same special interests. Then they will do the same thing in November.

After all, the winner for governor will be the same as it was in 1974, 40 years ago: Jerry Brown.

Maybe the only thing that will shake things up is if people just stop going to the polls. If voter turnout was 1 percent, then control by the big interests would be confirmed by voter disdain. At least we would know where we stand.


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