CA: Golden State to welfare state

CA: Golden State to welfare state

Golden gate bridge, wikimediaReader Manfred von Borks, Sc.D., sent us his analysis of what happened to California:

California – The transition from a Golden State to a Warehouse/Welfare State:  In the beginning there was real gold in the ground and the people came, then WWII and a relaxed California was instantly transformed into a major 24/7 military/industrial complex manufacturing everything from WAC bra’s to munitions, electronics, ships, vehicles, airplanes, lots of movies and all that was needed to win the war. And soon thereafter came a vast construction and transportation industry closely followed by an advanced high tech industrialized society manufacturing everything with a booming electronic and aerospace industry in the forefront supported by thousands of associated suppliers and vendors, the workers of which in turn were served by more thousands of small business’s catering to all their needs and wants, and all of the above created more jobs than there were takers providing every high school kid that wanted one a part-time after school job, and life in California was good… 

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