6 measures qualify for ballot

6 measures qualify for ballot

Obamacare, VA, May 26, 2014Because it plays by its own rules, the California Legislature still can add initiatives to the November ballot. But with the official deadline now passed, six measures are scheduled for the ballot. We’ll be covering them all.

But for now, one that caught my eye is backed by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and would give him vast new powers to regulate medical-insurance rates, much as he already has for car and housing insurance.

That would be on top of the Obamacare mess. And who knows what the U.S. Supreme Court will rule this week on the Obamacare mandate forcing companies or charities to cover contraceptives even if it violates their religious beliefs — if the mandate stands, an extreme violation of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

The bottom line of all this is more medical socialism, meaning much worse care. I suggest saving your money so, if you need real care, you can fly to Singapore or some other free country where they have inexpensive care you can pay for with cash.

It’s a shame. Before 1965, when LBJ’s socialized Medicare and Medicaid systems were imposed on us, America had the world’s best medical system, including charity for the poor. Now each of us has a date with a death panel.

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