Study: CA cost of doing business high

Study: CA cost of doing business high

Yet another study shows that the cost of doing business in California is much higher than in other states. This one is by Andrew Chang & Company for the California Chamber of Commerce. They provide some useful graphs.

1. “California compares poorly in national rankings to other states in the issues of business friendliness and taxes, legal, energy and labor costs.” In the chart, the higher number is worse. California ranks 41st, or even worse, on key factors:

Chamber 1

2. California’s cost of doing business is 5 to 33 percent higher than in other states on average:

chamber 2

3. Silicon Valley remains the key place in the world for the premier information companies. But not every company is at the level of Apple, Google or Facebook. For everyday computer companies, the cost of working here takes its toll:

chamber 3

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