Debate: Brown offers up whopper, claims he’s stopped pension spiking

Questioner asks how state can pay for bullet train given House opposition to any further federal funding.

Brown ducks question with broad defense of project. “This train makes a lot of sense,” it’s not “crazy,” as Kashkari says.

Kashkari: “He’s raising your gas prices to fund his vanity project.”

Cites Gavin Newsom opposition and says many other priorities more important, such as water storage.

Questioner asks Kashkari about past history of opposing gay marriage.

He says he applauded gov for not appealing to salvage Prop 8 after it was thrown out. He notes that showed discretion that Brown says he didn’t have in pursuing Vergara appeal.

Brown responds by saying he’ll do more to get bad teachers out of schools — stronger than previous remarks.

Questioner asks about prospect for more pension reform.

Brown takes shots at “Arkansas or Mississippi” and says California has wherewithal to deal with underfunding crisis.

Then he offers a huge whopper: the claim that his 2012 pension reform stopped “pension spiking,” ignoring recent CalPERS scam blocking reforms.

Kashkari: “Be honest about how big the hole is.”


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  1. S Moderation Douglas
    S Moderation Douglas 4 September, 2014, 20:51

    “recent CalPERS scam blocking reforms.”
    Is a tempest in a teaparty pot.

    Just media echoing each other and showing their ineptness. The only scam was media mania.

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  2. the prez
    the prez 6 September, 2014, 06:02

    Governor could be pleasuring himself with a free hand during the debate, no problem, 15 point win in November. Take care of SEIU, CTA, he could use both hands while bringing up Golden Sacks, all is good.

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