Debate: Kashkari closing channels Reagan in 1980

Questioner asks about high cost of UC, CSU being barrier to poor students.

Kashkari sympathizes and cites student loan burders.

Brown notes, correctly, how many CSU and UC students pay no tuition because of waivers and says CA students have lower loan burden than national average.

Questioner asks why not another debate.

Brown basically says one is enough.

Brown’s closing statement focuses on CA comeback theme.

He saved CA from being a “failed state” like Greece. Takes credit for 1.3 million job growth over last four years.

Kashkari channels Reagan in 1980 debate with Carter: Do Californians feel good about their jobs, their prospects? No.

He will help CA “rebuild middle-class.”

“I don’t think we’re back.”

As credits roll, Brown picks up Kashkari’s pen from floor and hands it to him. Civility reigns!

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