CA faces stiffer competition from more GOP-led states

CA faces stiffer competition from more GOP-led states

The 50 American states are the “crucibles of democracy,” where new ideas are tried out. The states all compete against one another, with the best ideas winning the day.

Hey abbottAlthough Democrats won almost everything Tuesday in California, the state still can’t go hog-wild with higher taxes, more regulations and fewer liberties for its long-oppressed masses. The reason: Republicans increased their control of many other states and will be instituting tax cuts, reduced regulations and other measures to attract jobs and businesses from California.

And none of these officials is the old Gov. Nelson Rockefeller type of Republicans who are obsessed with increasing government. Rather, the new breed of Republicans wants to get the government off people’s backs.

NPR reported:

“So Republicans were defending a lot of turf with governors, right? They were expected to lose some ground there overall. Because they were defending so much turf, they gained. They picked up three more seats on Tuesday. More dramatic, though – the numbers for the state legislative offices. Obviously, there are lots and lots and lots of them around the country. But it appears – we’ve got some recounts and some close ones still going – but it appears Republicans have picked up between 350 and 375 seats around the country.”

Hey Abbott!

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has retired for a probable second White House bid. But his successor, Greg Abbott, also is a Republican, and won 59-39. That was a little better than Gov. Jerry Brown’s 59-41.

We can expect Abbott to follow Perry’s footsteps in coming here to grab the jobs California’s oppressive government drives away. Here’s what Abbott wrote just before the election in the Austin American-Statesman:

Texas is the envy of the nation. More than 2 million jobs have been created here in the last 10 years — more than California, New York and Florida combined. That job growth crosses multiple industry sectors and all pay levels, with a higher rate of growth in the two highest wage groups. Half of Forbes’ top ten cities for future job growth are here in Texas, including Austin, McAllen, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, and McKinney was just rated by Money as the best place to live in America.

Less government, low taxes, smarter regulations and right-to-work laws — not government mandates — these are the pro-growth economic policies that help free enterprise flourish and attract more families and more major employers to Texas every day from states that over-tax and over-regulate.

That freedom also means more Texas entrepreneurs are willing to risk their capital to invest in themselves and others by opening businesses large and small, especially women entrepreneurs.

He gets it: Lower taxes means that entrepreneurs — from Mom and Pop stores to digital nerds — have more money to invest in creating businesses and jobs.

Sure, California has Silicon Valley. It’s great if you have an IQ >180. You can become a billionaire.

But what about the rest of us?

And Abbott’s beliefs are shared by the other GOP governors and legislators across the country.

Whether or not California’s leftist politicians like or not, they’re going to be forced to compete. Now.

Here’s how Gov. Abbott is going to treat “Costellofornia”:

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