Vaccine bill passes Assembly health committee

vaccineOn Tuesday, the California Assembly Committee on Health passed Senate Bill 277, the controversial mandatory vaccination bill. The bill was passed on a 12-6 vote, with one vote not recorded.

According to a summary from the health committee, SB277:

“Eliminates non-medical exemptions from the requirement that children receive vaccines for certain infectious diseases prior to being admitted to any public or private elementary or secondary school, or day care center. Specifically, this bill:

  1. “Deletes the exemption based on personal beliefs from the existing immunization requirement for children in child care and public and private schools. Deletes related law requiring a form to accompany a personal belief exemption (PBE).
  2. “Exempts students enrolled in home-based private schools or in an independent study program from the existing immunization requirement.
  3. “Permits the California Department of Public Health (DPH) to add diseases to the immunization requirements only if exemptions are allowed for both medical reasons and personal beliefs.”

Assemblyman Devon Mathis, who has been a vocal critic of SB277, said in a prepared statement, “This bill, and my opposition, is not about vaccines, it is about combating an overreaching government from infringing on our Constitutional Rights, Parental Rights, Religious Freedoms and protect the relationship between the patient and their chosen medical professional.”

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who voted yes on SB277 in the health committee vote, tweeted on Tuesday:

#SB277 passes the Assembly Health Committee, 12-6. Proud to have voted AYE for science and children’s health. Next stop, Assembly floor.”

The bill now goes to the Assembly for consideration.

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