The San Diego Union-Tribune endorses a Democrat for president, first time ever

Donald Trump at podiumFor the first time in its 148-year history, The San Diego Union-Tribune endorsed a Democrat for president — Hillary Clinton.

San Diego has historically been a reliably Republican county, although Democrats have surpassed Republicans in voter registration, currently holding a four-point advantage. Around this time in 2000, Republicans had a six-point advantage.

Time will tell if this endorsement is just a strange blip in an even stranger election or if the paper’s Editorial Board is just changing with the region it serves. The endorsement, however, was a lesser-of-two-evils argument.

Instead of heaping praise upon the preferred candidate, as most endorsements do, the U-T imagined a grim future under a President Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.

“We understand the lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy, the anger over her private email serverfamily foundation and income from Wall Street speeches, and the questions about how America fared in foreign affairs when she was secretary of state,” the U-T wrote. “But despite Trump’s insistence otherwise, she has the better temperament to be president — and the experience, background and relationships with world leaders that we need in a president.”

Concerns over international relations, temperament, the economy and trade were the highlights in the argument against Trump. The U-T also said Trump would take into office an “open-enemies list” (basically Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and a bunch of news organizations), but missed Clinton’s history of harboring grudges.

“Sixteen months into his campaign, Donald Trump remains Donald Trump,” the U-T wrote. “Despite constant counsel from GOP advisors and insiders to adopt a decorous public persona, Trump continues to lash out at critics, to insist complex problems can be solved with little effort and to depict an America that’s been ‘ripped off by every single country in the world,’ as he said in this week’s debate.”

The U-T predicted that a Trump administration could be friendlier with Russia than traditional U.S. allies, compared him to former Venuezuela President Hugo Chávez and wrote he was nothing like Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. 

“Vengeful, dishonest and impulsive, Trump is no Romney,” the U-T wrote. “This is why Hillary Clinton is the safest candidate for voters to choose in a complex world.”


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  1. eck
    eck 30 September, 2016, 19:00

    What a transparent joke upon it’s readers. Obviously, secret, far left types on the “editorial board”. Ya know, no endorsement would have been just fine. But nope. I rest my case. Cancel your subscription (if there are any subscribers left out there)

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  2. Leaving Soon
    Leaving Soon 30 September, 2016, 19:34

    Liberal LA times recently bought the San Diego tribune. Anyone with a half a brain knows the main stream is in the tank for Hillary. Why? Just think of the corruption and cronyism of this existing administration a Trump presidency would expose–and the liberal media is in on it. They will stop at nothing to destroy Trump. Always follow the $$.

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    • Steele, Ted--Patriot
      Steele, Ted--Patriot 1 October, 2016, 09:39

      Leaving Soon— Oh my God PLEASE don’t leave…ah….”soon”…

      PLEASE leave now before the election……Trump is a child, liar, impulsive low i q Assclown……ANYone who still does not get this NEVER will!

      Can you imagine a President tweeting at 0300 about porn movies, personal vendettas, movie star slights and his small hands????
      LMAO——-Trump— a gift from the tea baggers

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      • ricky65
        ricky65 2 October, 2016, 08:40

        Can you imagine a Secretary of State who slept through an 0300 phone call for help from Benghazi while our Ambassador and four brave men guarding him were murdered by terrorists?
        Can you imagine a Secretary of State who is so corrupt and vile she would lie to the families of the victims while their caskets were unloaded from the plane?
        Yes, of course you can, because you are that type of person also if you can still vote for that disgusting hag.

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        • Jon
          Jon 2 October, 2016, 12:09

          Thanks for putting Steele Troll in his place Ricky65, one thing about Killary supporters, They are a clueless bunch of Oxygen deprived Minions who vote based on what the mainstream media or Hollywierd feeds em. They are incapable of actually doing objective reseach of the facts on their own or they may find out some very troubling facts about their chosen criminal.

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        • Ted. Mentor to the doomed....Builder of the FUTURE!
          Ted. Mentor to the doomed....Builder of the FUTURE! 3 October, 2016, 22:05

          You know whats classic about you Ricky? You are sooo typical— I watched all 12 hours of the B hearings— you don’t have the facts straight—- but it just doesnt matter with you baggers……LOL carry on sleepy botha! Zzzzzzz

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        • Ted
          Ted 8 October, 2016, 10:50

          Lmao little Ricky
          I watched all 23 hours oh the Benghazi hearings
          They didn’t lay a glove on her! While it was a horrible event/attack you tea baggers live to make up your own facts! Lmao
          Put down the Faux News little buddy!

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  3. Steele, Ted--Patriot
    Steele, Ted--Patriot 30 September, 2016, 20:03

    ECK– Youre high little buddy– Trump is a dangerous child. moron, twit, etc……..the paper was correct—- this aint a close call– Clinton will be fine—-most of the stuff against Hillary is tea bag nonsense—–

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  4. Queeg
    Queeg 1 October, 2016, 00:30


    Who reads newspapers….

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  5. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 1 October, 2016, 09:37

    Heres hoping the San Diego Union Trashbin loses a lot if subcribers for supporting Hillary the Hag

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  6. Art
    Art 1 October, 2016, 13:19

    Pretty big news but then again conservative newspapers hate Birchite Know Nothing politicians who indulge in wild conspiracy theories and simple dumbed down rhetoric.

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  7. milton
    milton 1 October, 2016, 17:11

    Speaking of 3 am. Billy boy frolicking in the West Room with eleven year old Thai girls while Hillpig watches on security cameras playing with the Kenyan dildo left as a housewarming gift by the previous occupants.Tweets about treasonous Democrats are good to get the citizens in the civic cleansing spirit.

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    • Steele, Ted--Patriot
      Steele, Ted--Patriot 1 October, 2016, 19:01

      Milton you MUST be a tea baggy doomer— Only tea baggers like you and the sad trolls out here get thier news and info from Drudge, Rush, Brietbart, Facebook etc…….lmao

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  8. milton
    milton 1 October, 2016, 19:50

    Pier dol sie.

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  9. Steele, Ted--Patriot
    Steele, Ted--Patriot 1 October, 2016, 22:33

    Jestes Glupcem little buddy….

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  10. Man if Steele, Theodore
    Man if Steele, Theodore 8 October, 2016, 11:28

    No major newspaper in the United States of America has endorsed The Donald
    But it’s probably just media bias
    bwahaha lmao lol ha ha

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