CalWatchdog Morning Read – October 18

  • CalWatchdogLogoState watchdog agency pushes for licensing reform
  • Another Bob Filner allegation
  • Lt. Gov. Newsom says mega Dem. donor Steyer is running for governor
  • Legalized pot would prompt DUI concerns
  • Election stress is a real condition now

Good morning. Since it’s only Tuesday, we’ll start with a dose of bipartisanship to inch us closer to the weekend.

One of the rare issues where politicians on the left and right increasingly agree involves occupational-licensing requirements – the oftentimes cumbersome government-approval processes that many workers must go through to become certified to work legally in their profession.

Both sides have come to recognize that excessive rules limit employment opportunities for the poor, quash economic development and force people into the underground economy.

Advocates for reform don’t argue against training and regulations per se, but they recognize that it’s unnecessary to, say, force African-style hair braiders to spend thousands of dollars and go through hundreds of hours of traditional barbershop training when the hair treatment they provide has nothing to do with the certification they receive.

There’s broad understanding that people within existing professions often impose unnecessary barriers to entry as a way to reduce competition and artificially inflate wages. Defenders of the system say the rules are needed, however, to protect health and safety.

California’s independent state oversight agency, the Little Hoover Commission, this month released a report on licensing barriers that could serve as a blueprint for the state Legislature when it returns to session in January.

CalWatchdog has more.

In other news:

  • “Lawsuit filed Friday by a San Diego deputy city attorney claims a supervisor has been sexually harassing her for three years, including telling her to keep quiet about getting harassed previously by former Mayor Bob Filner,” reports The San Diego Union-Tribune

  • “Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Monday that billionaire activist Tom Steyer is already ‘spending a fortune’ on the 2018 race for governor of California, despite not having declared his candidacy. ‘He’s running. He’s been running,’ said Newsom, who has announced he plans to run.” Politico has more. 

  • “A proposition to legalize pot raises DUI concerns,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

  • “More than half of voters on both sides of the aisle say the 2016 presidential race is a major source of stress, according to a report just released from the American Psychological Association. There are even physical reactions — headaches, spikes in blood pressure, stomachaches, sleep loss,” reports The San Jose Mercury News


  • Gone ’til December. 

Gov. Brown:

  • In Palm Springs for an 11 a.m. memorial service for Palm Springs Police Department Officers Jose Gilbert Vega and Lesley Zerebny.

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