How Do CBD Topicals Work In Our Body?

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The selection of CBD products seems to be endless with the market possibilities of CBD growing every day. Pain relief and skincare benefits are two of the most celebrated benefits of CBD and a wide range of CBD topicals specializes in the areas.  Designed to add in the goodness of CBD into skin friendly products, several options are available within the category of CBD topicals.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Topicals?

CBD Salves

Most often, the factor that differentiates various CBD topicals is the water content in them. CBD is made by adding CBD extract to oil carriers and an emulsifier like beeswax. CBD salves do not have any water content in them.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is a mix of oil, water, a suitable emulsifier, and most importantly CBD extract. The higher ratio between oil and water (7:2) in CBD lotion is characteristic of the thicker consistency of CBD lotion when compared with CBD cream.

CBD Cream

Similar to lotions, creams are made by adding CBD extract to a mix of oil, water and emulsifier, but the ratio between oil and water is not the same as the ratio in CBD lotions. In creams, the oil to water ratio is 1, which makes it thinner than CBD lotion.

What Is The Working Mechanism Of CBD Topicals?

The endocannabinoid system of the body regulates various body functions like mood, sleep, pain sensation etc, and CBD works in our body by interacting with the numerous receptors of the system. The receptors are present in different parts of the body and the skin is no exception. It has a high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors.

CBD topicals applied directly on the skin penetrates the skin layers and interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors to offer the intended relief. The CBD in the topicals, as well as every CBD product hardly binds to the cannabinoid receptors as it lacks any particular binding affinity to the receptors. Instead, it influences the body functions through indirect actions. CBD activates TRPV1 receptors that are involved in the regulation of body temperature, pain and inflammation. In addition to that, cannabidiol inhibits Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) that leads to the higher production of endocannabinoids like anandamide that is involved in generating a sensation of pleasure that makes you feel good.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are famous for the targeted pain relief benefit they offer, which is why its use for treating musculoskeletal pain is quite famous. Medical conditions like arthritis are often associated with severe pain symptoms, and CBD topicals is an excellent option that can relieve the pain in the target areas, usually the joints.

 A 2019 report by the Arthritis Foundation found that among 2600  arthritis patients surveyed, 79% considered starting the use of CBD to relieve pain and many have already tried it. CBD topicals prove to be effective in relieving pain symptoms that are characteristic of a number of diseases.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make CBD topicals an excellent option that can handle the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease characterized by the abnormal division of skin cells leading to the thickening of skin at various locations in the body. White flakes and red or pink patches on skin are some of the most reported symptoms of the condition. The soothing properties of CBD topicals help reduce the typical symptoms of psoriasis, saving the patients from the embarrassment of walking around with visible patches and flaky skin.

CBD products are increasingly being used in the skincare and cosmetic industry. The skincare products make use of the hydrating and antioxidant properties of CBD that can effectively help in slowing down aging and keep the skin moisturized and healthy.

What Are The Things That You Should Be Careful About While Selecting CBD Topicals?

Keeping in mind that the industry is largely unregulated, you have to take extra care while selecting CBD topicals. Keep the following things in mind while you have decided to start using CBD topical.

Check The Certificate Of Authenticity Of The Topical Brand

You cannot blindly trust every brand of CBD topical with quality, as the industry will undoubtedly have several fraudsters who just have profit aims in mind. Before you choose a CBD topical, check the certificate of authenticity, the document that can give the details of third party lab testing and percentages of individual contents.

Check The Label Thoroughly

To make sure that the CBD topical would not cause any allergies, you have to check the product label thoroughly to find out whether you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Even though CBD extract is purely of natural origin, you cannot completely ignore the possibilities of other additives in the topical causing an allergy.

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Possibilities of slight increase in THC contents above the permissible level and issues of discreteness often worry people who use ingestible CBD products. CBD topicals are intended for exclusive external use, and the discreteness as well the ease of use of the option makes it the favorite CBD choice of many.

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