Fissures ripping apart CA Dem ranks

Fissures ripping apart CA Dem ranks

Monopoly parties appear monolithic. They seem to control everything. But underneath, they’re split by fissures.

Karen Bass Immigration Town HallSuch is the Democratic Party in California. It controls every statewide office. It enjoys supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature. Last November, it passed tax increases. It’s ruling the roost.

It’s also a troubled family. The L.A. Times reported on an Immigration Town Hall meeting held July 27 by Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles. She knows the state well because she formerly was the speaker of the California Assembly.

Bass attacked Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, even the immigration reformers among them:

“There is the crude and there is the sophisticated. At the end of the day, I think both opinions are pretty much the same in terms of the disrespectful viewpoint of immigrants.”

Immigration split

But as the Times reported, many of her fellow Democrats at the Immigration Town Hall also were not enamored of the amnesty she favors, which is in the bill passed by the U.S. Senate:

“Several spoke out against a pathway to legalization, saying it would reward those who broke the law by entering the country illegally. Others pointed to the economy and unemployment and argued that the job prospects of Americans — particularly African Americans — would be harmed.

“Keith Hardiner, 57, said he is the descendant of slaves.

” ‘They were separated from their families, but we had to fight and struggle,’ said the Silver Lake resident. ‘And now I feel like we are being set back and the country is being kind of stolen from us.'”

There’s an irony there. A growing economy can support high wages for both current residents and new immigrants. But a slowly growing economy with long-term unemployment — what we have now because of both Democratic and Republican high-tax, big bureaucracy policies — turns people against one another. Competition for shrinking positions is fierce.

We can expect to see more such fissures in the Democratic Party. For example, one day Silicon Valley billionaires are going to get sick of the Democratic politicians they usually support siphoning off hundreds of billions for the bureaucracies and lobbyists in Sacramento — all for roads that keep crumbling, schools that don’t teach and pensions for those no longer even working in government.

And as I noted earlier, top CA Dem Nancy Peloisi is backing the NSA Stasi-Security Supertate that hijacks Silicon Valley’s latest inventions to snoop and oppress. When are the Twitter and other cyber-geniuses living in San Francisco, almost all Democrats, going to bolt from her controls and boot her from office?


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