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Legislature advancing bill to stop license suspensions for unpaid fines

A bill to stop automatic suspensions of driver’s licenses for unpaid fines is only a few votes and one signature from becoming law. Senate Bill 881, sponsored by Sen. Bob Hertzberg, has cleared the Senate already and is working its

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Court to stop suspending licenses for unpaid fines

Under pressure from civil liberties groups, Contra Costa County Superior Court announced last week a moratorium on the practice of suspending driver’s licenses over unpaid fines. In March, the ACLU of Northern California and other groups urged the California Judicial Council

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Civil liberty groups demand Solano County court stop suspending licenses of drivers too poor to pay fines

Solano County Superior Court fell under fire Tuesday from civil liberty groups demanding that judges stop suspending licenses of drivers without at least first determining if a driver has the ability to pay. By the end of 2015, more than 1.9 million Californians,

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Civil liberty groups fighting license suspensions for those guilty of “being poor”

A band of civil liberties groups are demanding that California courts stop suspending drivers licenses for failure to pay traffic fines, a practice they argue overwhelmingly affects low-income drivers. A 2013 provision in the state budget offered major relief of fines due before Jan. 2013

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CA’s history of direct democracy sometimes brings out ‘crackpots’

This week, lawmakers once again loudly proclaimed their outrage at a proposed ballot initiative that would allow voters to decide whether gay people should be shot. The notion is both sickening and unconstitutional, but it’s also part of California’s political

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