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Brown Hates Open Meetings? 0

MARCH 9, 2011 Where Governor Jerry Brown is concerned, anything goes. It’s a mistake to call him a mere liberal — while I have no doubt that he adheres to some vague progressive impulses, he is fully capable of proposing

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Brownley's Bill Bashing Bad Bags 0

MARCH 2 Sometimes, writing about state government is too easy. No matter how dire the current budget crisis, or low public opinion of the Legislature can get, our elected officials continue to perpetuate The Nanny State. Yes, I put it

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Ex-Weekly Reporter Lands Sacramento Investigative Gig 0

By R. Scott Moxley January 6, 2010 Ex-OC Weekly investigative reporter Anthony Pignataro has joined the staff of the new Sacramento-based CalWatchdog.com which launched its website yesterday. Controlled by ex-Orange County Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut on behalf of a

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CalWatchdog Debuts Web Site on State Government 0

By Melanie Turner January 6, 2010 Think-tank Pacific Research Institute has launched Sacramento-based investigative reporting Web site www.CalWatchdog.com. CalWatchdog plans to serve as a one-stop-shop for information on California government, with original news content, investigative reports and a collection of

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Savoring a target-rich environment 0

Jan. 5, 2010: Then there was the time I swiped a local city councilman’s trash. Another reporter and I were investigating him for all manner of crookedness (he was eventually convicted of felony corruption and banned for life from ever

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