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No Tax Increase – State Still Standing

John Seiler: Here we are, five days into the new fiscal year. No tax increase was imposed. Instead, on July 1, we got some tax cuts here in California. That’s the spirit! The spirit of the 1776 tax revolt and

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What Happened to CA Armageddon?

John Seiler: I haven’t noticed the earth quaking. Or thousands of Californians being washed out to drown in the Pacific Ocean, the way Japanese were after their recent earthquake-tsunami. But just a couple of weeks ago Gov. Jerry Brown was

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Armageddon? It's Already Here

John Seiler: “Armageddon” was the word columnist George Skelton used for what would happen if Gov. Jerry Brown’s $12 billion tax increase isn’t put on a special June ballot, then approved by voters. The two tax-lovers sat down for lunch.

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