No Tax Increase – State Still Standing

John Seiler:

Here we are, five days into the new fiscal year. No tax increase was imposed. Instead, on July 1, we got some tax cuts here in California.

That’s the spirit! The spirit of the 1776 tax revolt and revolution we just celebrated yesterday, Independence Day.

Are we in California now suffering “Armageddon,” as Gov. Jerry Brown threatened back in March?

Or are we going through “war of all against all,” as Jerry said we would, also back in March? He was quoting philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the ultra-monarchist, apparently a job Jerry thinks he holds.

No disasters have happened. Instead, a lot of waste has been cut from incredibly wasteful budgets. And a lot of baloney has been spewed by Brown and other Democrats and government-union hacks about how the state supposedly is worse off.

Actually, Californians are enjoying the rare privilege of a tax cut. I’m looking forward to having a little more money in my paycheck this July 15. And my car tax, due July 25, will be about $100 less.

I’m pretty much in the middle of the middle class. So, I don’t enjoy the fat-cat incomes of those who spend our tax dollars. Such as the $1 million combined incomes of the two honchos at the state’s stem-cell agency. They’re blowing the $6 billion bond voters stupidly passed back in 2004 (despite the many editorials I wrote in the Orange County Register against Proposition 74).

How can the fools in the state government waste this $6 billion — then demand that our taxes be increased by that amount every year?

We don’t have “war of all against all” as our dictator-governor contends. Instead, we have war of the government against the people.

On July 1, the people enjoyed a minor, but significant, victory. But we can expect the Hobbesian autocracy to strike back soon.

They always want more — more of our money, more waste, more perks and pleasures and pay and pensions for themselves, more tyranny.

Fight back!

July 5, 2011


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