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Will revived redevelopment program create additional affordable housing?

A bill that would revive redevelopment as a tool for local governments passed the state Legislature in the final days of the summer session on party-line votes. Now the question is whether a so-far noncommittal Gov. Gavin Newsom will accept

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SB 1 would brand ‘inefficiency’ as blight

  Should government get into the business of judging people on the “efficiency” of their property?  SB 1 would grant government that capacity — along with the power to take that property if officials decide it’s being “inefficiently” used. SB

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Sacto would financially benefit from downtown arena 5

May 1, 2013 By Katy Grimes This unnatural and inexplicable push by Sacramento city officials for a downtown arena is suspicious. Without any explanation, all discussion of the proposed arena at the adjacent old rail yard stopped. Then the local media

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