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Honors belie years of gloom-and-doom talk about UC system

For at least seven years, we’ve heard University of California officials and Democratic lawmakers describe budget “cuts” at UC as being so devastating they threatened the system’s elite reputation. I recall hearing surrogates for Jerry Brown say in 2010 that

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CA budget: State’s unions tell poor they’re on their own

May 17, 2013 By Chris Reed Nothing brings clarity to the absurdity of unions’ claims that they defend the poor and champion social justice than the annual fights over the state budget. Advocates of social services for the poor and

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Deadbeat California Needs a Payday Loan

JULY 15, 2011 By CHRISS STREET For the State of California and its counties and cities, tax collections tend to be lumpy during the year due to half of all income, corporate and other taxes being collected in the two months

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