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CSU faculty looks unwilling to compromise on pay

A strike by California State University professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches looks increasingly likely in coming months unless CSU leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown are more generous with pay raises. More than 90 percent of the 23,000 workers at

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Cal State union considers striking; seeks 5 percent raise

The 25,000 members of the California State University faculty union will cast ballots in a strike-authorization vote beginning Monday. It is the fourth time the union and university have battled over wages in eight years. The union seeks a 5

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Two wings of CTA have low opinion of much bigger wing

May 10, 2013 By Chris Reed If you think the California Teachers Association is the biggest villain in state politics — and you should, you should — then you’ll enjoy the Golden State implications of this national survey. This is

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Attack of the student zombies

Oct. 31, 2012 Katy Grimes: Beware the student zombies at CSU Sacramento and CSU Sonoma. The California Faculty Association is sponsoring a flash mob today at the colleges, “with staff and students in costume, dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ with

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New Cal State contract swindles faculty

Aug. 1, 2012 By John Hrabe Every good protest has a catchy rallying cry. A simple memorable phrase that summarizes the movement’s agenda. The Vietnam War: “Hey-hey! Ho-ho! LBJ has got to go!” The Women’s Rights Movement: “What do we

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