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Why the Leg Will Pass a Budget Soon

John Seiler: California Legislators’ pay is suspended until they pass a budget. But they’ll do that soon. The Beatles explain what their spouses are telling them: June 24, 2011

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Amazon Tax Would Slam eBay, Too 1

John Seiler: Our Katy Grimes first wrote a story, two days ago, about how the tax-ravenous Legislature’s attempt to tax Amazon, a company based in Washington state, also would slam eBay, which is located right here in San Jose. The

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CA Could Have Worst Jobless Rate 0

John Seiler: California never has had the worst U.S. unemployment rate. During the Great Depression, we weren’t hit as hard as most other states. Hollywood and the aerospace industry took off. Food exports to other states and the world grew.

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CA Legislators Hustle More Tax Bills 5

APRIL 25, 2011 By KATY GRIMES With another poll out today saying that voters want to vote on Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax extension increases, the media are mum about the many other tax bills slithering through the Legislature which would greatly

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Brownley's Bill Bashing Bad Bags 0

MARCH 2 Sometimes, writing about state government is too easy. No matter how dire the current budget crisis, or low public opinion of the Legislature can get, our elected officials continue to perpetuate The Nanny State. Yes, I put it

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Another Scam by the Legislature 0

John Seiler: No wonder the California Legislature’s approval rating by citizens is at 10%, an all-time low. Street gangs are held in higher esteem than the Legislature Gang. Consider this sweet scam: By convening for less than a half hour

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