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Sacramento redevelopment repackaged?

Katy Grimes: John Shirey, Sacramento’s latest city manager and former director of California’s  defunct Redevelopment Agency, sent out an email this evening promoting local business “opportunities” connecting with “resources.” Only those “resources” are being repackaged as opportunities for small businesses as

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Redevelopment barons plot comeback

JAN. 9, 2012 I’m still giddy after the California Supreme Court ruled last month that the state had every right to shut down those noxious enemies of property rights and fiscal responsibility — redevelopment agencies. Better yet, the state’s high

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Redevelopment Partners In Slime

Katy Grimes: Trying to fill the thrice-vacant City Manager position, Sacramento’s City Council made a job offer to a candidate yesterday. But the politically incestuous connection local politicians have with John Shirey, the candidate and current head of the California Redevelopment

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