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Covered CA complicates tax preparation

Many Californians will be headed into tax season with their paperwork in disarray thanks to their state health care exchange, Covered California. The program is the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. In a repeat of follies

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Will 49ers stadium be last one subsidized in CA?

The San Diego Chargers’ and Oakland Raiders’ announcement that they had taken steps toward jointly building a privately financed $1.7 billion stadium in Carson may have been done at least partly with the intent of persuading their home cities to

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Can GOP stop FCC attack on the Internet?

The Federal Communications Commission, controlled by Obama Democrats, is poised to impose a 1930s telephone-regulation model on the Internet. It makes no sense in a time when Internet costs drop by half every year to 18 months. They call it

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CBS: Record cold ice storms = global warming

I’ve finally figured it out. CBS just ran a story blaming global warming for the record cold ice storms Back East. So, here’s what it all means: global warming = global warming global cooling = global warming climate change =

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Izumi criticizes state employee’s cyber-goldbricking

Dec. 13, 2012 By John Seiler A state government employee posted thousands of times on the Sacramento Bee’s Web site during work hours. Taxpayers subsidized his cyber-goldbricking. CBS News just ran a story on it with interviews of Lance Izumi, our

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