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Scandal-shrouded CHP figure now Virginia police chief

Former California Highway Patrol Commissioner Mike Brown — a person of interest in several CHP scandals and mysteries — was installed Jan. 16 as police chief in Alexandria, Virginia, an affluent suburb of the nation’s capital. Brown, 61, resigned the

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CHP scandal part of a long, messy pattern

The alleged involvement of three California Highway Patrol officers in a Turlock murder is only the latest scandal for an agency that has been faced a variety of embarrassments for decades. A former CHP whistleblower — Austin, Texas, Police Chief

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CA cops could get more mental illness training

A recent pair of LAPD confrontations ending in death gave new life to a pair of state Senate bills that would increase mental illness training for California police. Introduced last year, Senate Bill 11, the first, has begun to gather steam as

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Making Public Pay for Budget Cuts

JULY 25, 2011 By STEVEN GREENHUT Last year, one of my reporters and her adult son were walking in downtown Sacramento when a couple of young toughs tried grabbing her purse. She pulled back her purse, and the robbers lunged

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Traffic Citations and Overtime Up?

Katy Grimes: Traffic citations issued by the California Highway Patrol and other police departments in California are on the rise, reports The Sacramento Bee today. But the reasoning, while not surprising, is suspect: Revenue. However, this isn’t being done without a

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