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Courts: Maybe public pensions can be cut

One theme CalWatchdog.com has covered over the years is that public pension programs are not sacrosanct. Although the general interpretation of the California Constitution is that the pensions must be paid — no matter what — if there’s no money,

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BK judge slams taxpayers on Stockton pensions

In boon to public pensioners and a shock to taxpayers throughout California, federal Judge Christopher M. Klein approved a bankruptcy plan to put Stockton city retirees at the top of the heap. That means taxpayers are at the bottom. Also stiffed

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Stockton bankruptcy judge’s pedigree, history offer hope

March 27, 2013 By Chris Reed The stakes are immense in the four-day trial in Sacramento’s federal bankruptcy court this week. The New York Times frames the issue well: “Wall Street is taking America’s biggest pension fund to court this

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