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California Democrats release plan to make public college ‘debt free’

California Democrats are making a push to offset the cost of higher education, releasing a sweeping plan to increase student aid that would be perhaps the most favorable in the nation for students – but one that may be unfavorable

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Tough negotiations prompt UC enrollment to rise

The dust has settled from Gov. Jerry Brown’s protracted budget negotiations with University of California president Janet Napolitano — to the benefit of 10,000 additional students greenlit for the UC system by the 2018-2019 school year. Meeting in San Francisco, the UC

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Lavish UC scholarship program again ignored by media

June 15, 2013 By Chris Reed The Sacramento Bee has a long story up on its website about an unpublished Legislative Analyst’s Office analysis that pooh-poohs Assembly Speaker John Perez’s plan to help middle-class families afford college. “A massive middle-class

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