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San Diego County’s odd pension saga ends

The San Diego County government has long held itself in high regard, boasting of its fiscal reserves, reasonable labor contracts and stable services. This attitude was reflected in 2012, when county Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard used his retirement announcement

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Retirement will be painful for most

In an excellent column in the U-T San Diego, Dan McSwain paints a grim retirement picture for almost everybody: For most Americans, it’s tempting to live in denial or outright fantasyland when it comes to paying for retirement. That’s because

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Moody’s raises questions about teacher pension funding fix

Soon after the CalSTRS funding fix crafted by the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown took effect on July 1, Moody’s Investors Service raised CalSTRS’ bond issuer rating. But six weeks later, Moody’s has put out another release that examines how much

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San Onofre follies: The man-made power shortage

Was the San Onofre nuclear plant shut down because problems with its generator systems were so severe that it posed a risk to the 20 million people in Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside counties? Or was the nuclear

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Extremely costly regulation with no clear benefit? Bring it on

May 14, 2013 By Chris Reed This is saying a lot. But in my 23 years in California, no regulation has more clearly established the vapidity of how the state’s regulatory culture works than a new rule embraced by the

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