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CA seeks water relief from pot farmers

California’s protracted drought has upended business as usual for many of the Golden State’s marijuana farmers, who now face both increased scrutiny and increased cooperation from regulators. An uneasy partnership With the prospect of a big ballot initiative on recreational

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CA cracks down on medical pot growers

Marijuana has rocketed to the top of California’s list of cash crops, sucking an outsized — and illegal — amount of water with it. “An ounce of marijuana requires 34 gallons while an ounce of almonds requires 25.3 gallons of

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Condors thriving before new CA lead ammo ban

The California Condor is flying back. This majestic giant, with a wingspan stretching nearly 10 feet, had been nearing extinction as recently as two decades ago. But the recent report from the U.S. Department of the Interior found that the

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State owes counties $22 million in taxes, refuses to pay

April 16, 2013 By Dave Roberts If you decide not to pay your taxes, you could face stiff penalties, seizure of your property and jail time. But when California’s government is the tax deadbeat, state officials thumb their noses at

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