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Realignment worsens woes for CA county jails

Pushed by the courts to thin out California’s state prisons, Gov. Jerry Brown has imposed a cascade of burdens on the county jails required to receive waves of inmates. The latest of these has caused extra heartburn for county sheriffs —

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Unregulated CA entrepreneurs thrive in … the pot business

Happy New Year! Are you familiar with the state that has such an innovative and advanced marijuana industry that quality control extends to making sure pot brands consistently produce the same sensations? Where entrepreneurs are turning to increasingly sophisticated tools

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Addicted to scare tactics 8

June 3, 2013 By Steven Greenhut SACRAMENTO — “As many as 100,000 crack babies are born every year,” reported the Los Angeles Times in an overheated 1990 article echoing the results of a Department of Health and Human Services study.

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Mexico dissolves its FBI and moves to legalize drugs 15

July 31, 2012 By Chriss Street In a stunning development, President-elect Enrique Pena and his Institutional Revolutionary Party, who won control of Mexico’s government on July 1, moved to dissolve the Agencia Federal de Investigación.  Modeled after the United States’ FBI,

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