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Video: The Millennial mind: Political parties aren’t trusted with privacy

The Reason Foundation’s Emily Ekins talks to James Poulos about who Millennials support politically when they don’t trust either party to protect their privacy.

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L.A. County ground zero for invasive state surveillance

“Enemy of the State,” the 1998 movie about government using technology to track everyone, feels less like sci-fi all the time, especially if you live in Los Angeles County. This is from the scoop by the Center for Investigative Reporting:

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Bipartisan effort would limit federal spying in California

Federal agencies could find it harder to spy on Californians if a new bill proposed this legislative session becomes law. State Senators Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, and Joel Anderson, R-San Diego, introduced legislation on Monday that would ban state agencies, officials

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NSA scandal could take huge toll on CA capital-gains revenue

Will the ever-burgeoning NSA spying scandal come back to haunt Jerry Brown and other state leaders when they craft the next budget? Given how much they are counting on capital-gains revenue from executives who cash in their stock holdings in

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Why Chris Christie won’t be president

As his speech before GOP honchos this week showed, Chris Christie obviously is running for president. The New Jersey governor likely will be re-elected next year, then begin campaigning in earnest for the White House. He attacked potential opponents, meaning

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A holiday that celebrates a nation founded on the right ideals

July 8, 2013 By Steven Greenhut SACRAMENTO — Some fundamentalist Christians take the “Greatest Story Ever Told” and make it so unpalatable that it sends seekers running in the other direction. Likewise, some of my fellow liberty lovers take the greatest political

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